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Tenacious Toys Announces Their Casey Weldon Kittypillar Exclusive: Siamese

NEW YORK, NY, February 4, 2019 — Tenacious Toys just announced their next shop exclusive: a beautiful Siamese variant of Casey Weldon’s popular Kittypillar vinyl figure.

Produced by ThreeA, the Kittypillars are 8-inch tall vinyl art toys which bring Casey’s fantastic characters to life as collectibles in three dimensions. There are several previous variants (breeds) of Kittypillar out on the market, some open to all retailers, and others as shop exclusives.

The Tenacious exclusive Siamese variant is on the water and will begin shipping in March. Siamese is limited to just 100 pieces. Collectors can preorder a Siamese Kittypillar now for $90 on the Tenacious website.


About Tenacious Toys
Tenacious Toys is an NYC-based online designer toy shop specializing in vinyl art toys, imported action figures, handmade resin collectibles and one-off custom toys.

About Casey Weldon
Casey Weldon lives and works in Seattle. He is renowned for his vibrant color pallet and use of light. His body of work covers a range of styles and a broad subject matter.

About ThreeA
Founded in 2008, ThreeA is an award winning Toy, Entertainment, and Publishing company founded by artist Ashley Wood and Hong Kong toy maker Kim Fung Wong. ThreeA is known internationally for their intricately detailed and uniquely designed original and licensed multi-scaled collectible toy lines.



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