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Super7 Toy Fair 2019 Preview: MLB, Transformers Super Cyborg and Rocky

San Francisco based Super7 is once again heading to New York’s International Toy Fair, showcasing a variety of unique collectibles

This year, one of Super7’s most exciting unveilings will be a brand new collection of licensed sports collectibles called Supersports. Launching with Major League Baseball, the Supersports line features iconic MLB players and teams from the past plus the best of today. The collection will include 3.75” ReAction Figures, a Super7 classic, and premier a new Jackie Robinson figure in time to commemorate his 100th birthday this year.

A few other items Super7 will be showing include:


Seasonal Offerings including Universal Monsters Super Buckets

While toys and a unique retro approach lead our portfolio, our design origins allow us to be a one-stop shop for Seasonal Products. This year, Super7 brings back Universal Monsters Super Buckets as the lead to its incredible Halloween line.


Rocky IV and Blind Box come to ReAction Figures

Super7’s continues to reinvent ReAction Figures with its latest releases: ReAction Figures enter the ring with Rocky IV and its iconic 1980’s boxing clash. Immortalized as a set of 3 ¾” scale retro action figures, you can now relive the excitement of the titanic match between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. For the first time, Blind box comes to action figures with the launch of MOTU and Iron Maiden Blind Boxes.


Deluxe –Transformers Super Cyborg

Super7 explores the insides of the world’s favorite robots with the Transformers Super Cyborg Deluxe Action Figures! Each 11” tall Super Cyborg figure is fully articulated and features a transparent removable chest, revealing the robotic guts within. The heroic Optimus Prime and evil Megatron are the first screen-accurate action figures of the original Generation One cartoon designs.

Stay tuned for our complete Super7 Toy Fair 2019 coverage – beginning February 16th!

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