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@Super7 Celebrates ALIEN Day OnLine and In Store with new ReAction

“There are things so terrifying, they only exist in a nightmare… or outer space.”

A week from today (Friday – 4/26) is Alien Day 2019 and to commemorate LV-426, Super7 will be dropping these exclusive Alien ReAction Figures: First is the terrifying Xenomorph in a clear glitter space blue with matching card back. Then there is the doomed Nostromo crew member Kane in a horrifying red with matching card back. Both of these figures and their card art were inspired by the awesome original 1979 Alien concept poster art by Bill Gold that was not used for the film’s release.

These will be available online in the Super7 webstore and at our San Francisco and San Diego stores. See you next Friday!

THIS FRIDAY (4/26) in San Francisco at the Super 7 S.F.: The Alien Day Extravaganza at Super7 from 6:00pm-9:00pm to celebrate LV-426! Free drinks, Free Pizza, and an Alien raffle!! We will be showing the fantastic film ‘Aliens’ in-store and also launching amazing Super7 Alien Day exclusives! In The Mission everyone can hear you scream!

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