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@Super7 Announces Thundercats Wave 2 ULTIMATES! Pre Order

Thundercats Ho! Super7, makers of pop culture collectibles, is proud to announce Wave 2 of Thundercats ULTIMATES! Each super-articulated deluxe action figure comes straight from Third Earth to you, intricately painted and featuring a huge variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.


The ultimate collectible for any vintage animation aficionado, the toys are now available exclusively on for a limited time: Now through January 31!


“I am super excited to continue this line of amazing Thundercats ULTIMATES! Figures, especially the massive Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living as the coolest version of this figure ever made,” said Super7 Founder Brian Flynn.


The Thundercats Wave 2 ULTIMATES! Pre-Order will include Tygra, Grune and Pymyra featured as 7’’ figures plus accessories, along with the massive 9’’ Mumm-Ra figure with Ma-Matt by his side.


Each ULTIMATES! Thundercats figure will be packaged in a deluxe slip-case window box with accessories included. Relive the excitement of the classic Thundercats cartoon like never before and collect all your favorite Thundercats characters!


Mumm-Ra Figure & Ma-Mutt Special ULTIMATES! Pack $60

Tygra, Grune & Pumyra ULTIMATES! $45 each



“Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to MUMM-RA, THE EVER-LIVING!” Mumm-Ra’s presence is overwhelming and huge and the Mumm-Ra ULTIMATES! Figure is the same!

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living stands at 9-inches tall, a full two-inches taller than the other Thundercats ULTIMATES! Figures! Mumm-Ra is accompanied by his ferociously loyal pet Ma-Mutt who is fully articulated and 2-inches in scale. Mumm-Ra will also come with these accessories:

  • Key of Thundera

  • Mighty Gyroscope Regulator

  • Extended sword of Plun-Darr

  • Soft Cloth Cape

  • Alternate Head

  • Alternate Hands


“Good is not that easily defeated by evil.” The scientist warrior Tygra stands 7-inches tall and will come with these accessories:

  • Solid Whip

  • String Whip

  • Retracted whip

  • Alternate Head

  • Alternate Hands


“Come meet your fate, Thundercats! Grune the Destroyer has come for his revenge!” The treacherous Grune the Destroyer stands 7-inches tall and will come with these accessories:

  • Club

  • Brass Knuckles

  • Seal of Grune Broken

  • Seal of Grune

  • Broken Sword of Omens

  • Alternate Armor with Thundercats Logo

  • Alternate Head

  • Alternate Hands



“Justice. Truth. Honor. Loyalty.” The healer Pumyra stands 7-inches tall and will come with these accessories:

  • New Legs

  • Sling with Bombs

  • Belt

  • Totem of Dara

  • Glave

  • Alternate Head

  • Alternate Hands