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Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime

Super7 is expanding its Transformers license with Hasbro on an incredible fan favorite: Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime! This oversized figure is available for pre-order at select partner retailers, including iconic toy retailer FAO Schwarz. Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime retails for $350 (including shipping). U.S. Domestic orders will receive free shipping for this release. The pre-order window for Super Shogun Optimus Prime will close on Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.

The Super Shogun Optimus Prime is a made-to-order release and Super7 expects to ship these figures in Winter 2020. This release will ship separately from other pre-order releases.


Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime is a 24-inch tall figure based on the vintage Jumbo Machinder and Shogun figures. These Japanese figures are some of the most expensive vintage toys that collectors covet, with almost 50 different figures originally made in Japan. The Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime is a nod to these amazing toys and a throwback to the very first toy Super7 made for the US market- a Super Shogun Stormtrooper in 2010. In a homage to its origins, this Friday, Super7 will exclusively launch its first Super Shogun since 2013, the Super Shogun TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime.

• The design is inspired by the 1970’s Shogun Warriors toy line.
• Super Shogun Optimus Prime will be G1-era accurate paint job and detailing.
• Three points of articulation.
• Features wheels on feet for rolling combat action.
• Armed with a spring-loaded, “rocket firing” left fist.
• Removable Ion Blaster.
• Chest opens to reveal removable Matrix of Leadership.
• Will include sticker sheet for customizable display.

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