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Spider-Man Far From Home Marvel Legends Series Up for Order! Mysterio!

With just three days until Avengers Endgame hits theaters, the hype factor is at maximum effect and off the charts for the next MCU movie! But even with how amped Marvel fans are about Avengers, Hasbro is already looking ahead to the new big(-ish) thing, which is why pre-orders are now open for the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Series of 6″ figures! But coming after the Kingpin wave that was anchored by the Build-A-Figure, I suspect this is a wave where many folks are going to want every figure except the Molten Man BAF…

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Figures Case RatiosSeeing as how what’s likely to be the biggest Marvel movie of all-time is arriving in just a few days, things have been a little quieter lately than I would have expected Marvel toy news-wise. But Hasbro has got the remedy for that: a new pre-order for a series of Marvel Legends figures that wasn’t quite fully-revealed at the 2019 Toy Fair in February!

But this isn’t an Avengers series–it’s actually the most likely one-and-only wave with tie-in figures for the Spider-Man Far From Home movie, and the case ratios are as follows:

(2) Far From Home Spider-Man in Red and Black Costume
(1) Stealth Suit Spider-Man from Far From Home
(1) Mysterio Movie Figure from Far From Home
(1) Hydro-Man [Comics-Based]
(1) Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter [Comics-Based]
(1) Doppelganger Spider Man [Comics-Based]
(1) Scorpion [Comics-Based]
Build-A-Figure: Molten Man Movie Figure from Far From Home

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Spidey Figure PackagedAs expected by everyone everywhere, the red-and-black costume Spider-Man from Far From Home will be the one double-packed figure in this series. Even at two-per-case, the Homecoming Spidey in Tech Suit never really sat on store shelves, and I doubt this version will either.

Far From Home Marvel Legends Spider-Man Figure Red Black CostumeI really wish there was a wash of some sort to bring out the sculpting texture on the webbing of the costume, but this figure looks decent at a glance. Thank God for both web-slinging hands and fists.

Marvel Legends Mysterio Movie Figure PackagedFar more in-demand than that Spidey, however, is going to be the one-per-case Mysterio movie figure. I think scarcity is bound to be a major issue with this action figure, so let’s hope that Hasbro is aware of that and is planning to make straight cases available to online retailers. The 100% newly-tooled movie costume looks awesome, and I’m glad Mysterio is getting his own interchangeable fists as well. Looking excellent!

Marvel Legends Stealth Suit Spider-Man Figure PackagedThe last single-packed movie figure in the series is the Noir-looking Stealth Suit Spider-Man Legends figure. I’m truly not in love with this look just yet, but maybe I’m going to be won over by it when the actual film hits theaters in July. At the moment, this just doesn’t feel like a Spider-Man costume to me at all. I’m grateful for the interchangeable head and hands, though.

Marvel Legends Hydro-Man Figure PackagedOn to the comic book figures! And although we’ll be seeing a movie Hydro-Man for the first time this summer on-screen, his action figure is going to be comics-based. I’ve loved the Toybiz Hydro-Man since my college days, but I think this is a fun update.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Hydro-Man FigureThere’s bound to be complaints about the water effects arms being non-removable, but I applaud Hasbro for making a large, unique single-packed figure of Morrie Bench. Very much looking forward to getting this in-hand in a few months!

Marvel Legends Scorpion Figure PackagedCompeting with Far From Home Mysterio as the “must-get” figure from this wave is a classic Spider-Man villain Hasbro has never done before in 6″ form: the Scorpion! My personal costume preference is Mac Gargan without the mask over his mouth, but Toybiz already did that iteration years ago, so I’m okay with this costume getting the limelight.

Scorpion Marvel Legends 2019 FigureThe bendy tail on this is going to be loads of fun, and this figure is almost certain to be scalper-bait getting overpriced on ebay as soon as it blows out of retail stores.

Marvel Legends Doppelganger Spider-Man Figure PackagedOne final villain from this wave is a 90s favorite of mine: the Doppelganger Spider of “Maximum Carnage” fame! I love the crap out of this character, and while I outright dislike the upper torso being used for him and all the non-matching pins on his arms, this is still the figure in the Far From Home Series I’m most excited about.

Doppelganger Spider Marvel Legends FigureI wish this figure was a little better, as I know the limited articulation will cheese me off, but he’s a must for me no matter what.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter PackagedFinally, we’ve got the figure that I think will be the weakest seller from an absolutely loaded wave: the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Legends figure. I’ve dug Julia as Spider-Woman ever since her appearances in the 90s Iron Man cartoon series, and I really dig that we’re getting a 6″ super-articulated figure of her here. I’d prefer her purple costume to the black, but I’m glad to get her regardless.

She comes with a web effects piece and the largest chunk of the Molten Man BAF body, which looks absolutely humongous.

Marvel Legends Molten Man Build-A-FigureWhen Hasbro wouldn’t show off the series’ Build-A-Figure at Toy Fair, it seemed like a sure bet that it was because it was going to be a movie character from Spider-Man: Far From Home. And sure enough, now that the wave is fully-revealed and being solicited, we get confirmation that the BAF is in fact… the Molten Man.

This isn’t exactly shocking, since Molten Man is the one villain from the movie that was otherwise unrepresented in any form in this wave, but it still feels a bit out of left field since we see Molten Man figures so incredibly rarely. Like the buildable LEGO Molten Man, this Build-A-Figure looks pretty neat, but my personal judgment on this character/design is out until I see him on film. Luckily, I’m buying this whole wave anyway, so he’s bought no matter what. Score one for Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio FigureThe Hasbro Spider-Man Far From Home Legends series is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in July 2019 (which, coincidentally, is also the month the movie hits–crazy, huh?). Hydro-Man, Scorpion and movie Mysterio are all going to be instant sell-outs and hard-to-find figures, so I’m glad I just order my waves as a whole case and get it over and done with in one swoop. I really hope Hasbro goes back and offers full cases of singles for this wave, because a lot of fans are going to be wanting those Scorpion and Mysterio action figures.

Now that Hasbro has shown all its cards and opened up pre-orders, what are your thoughts on the Marvel Legends Far From Home series, Spidey fans? Does the Molten Man Build-A-Figure make you want to buy (or not want to buy) this whole wave, and which figures are the must-haves for you from this set?

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