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@Skybound ’s New Tabletop Game / PITCHSTORM on Kickstarter Now

Skybound Games is proud to announce a new tabletop game – Pitchstorm, a party card game where you pitch ridiculous movies to the world’s worst movie executives (aka: your friends). During each pitch, “executives” can interrupt with terrible notes that must then be worked into the idea. The Kickstarter campaign for Pitchstorm starts today! You can find the Kickstarter page, and all relevant information, HERE. 


Pitchstorm was created by one of Skybound’s own employees, Ben Kepner. He first connected with the Skybound team at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, and since then has worked as a part of the Games team to help write and produce expansions for Superfight and Red Flags. Pitchstorm is Ben’s first original game.