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Sideshow Logan Premium Format Figure Statue Up for Order!

Sideshow Collectibles has been diving deep and hard into the X-Men since they began their wave of new statues with the Wolverine Premium Format Format Figure back in 2017. And now that we’re in the double-digits of X-characters released or solicited, they’re ready to cycle back to who brought them to the dance again: the new Sideshow Logan Premium Format Figure goes up for order today! The 2017 Wolverine Statue has been widely acclaimed—can Logan reach the same heights?

Sideshow X-Men Logan Wolverine Premium Format FigureNow that we’ve got a plethora of Sideshow X-Men statues either already released or releasing soon that have an emphasis on female characters, a lot of X-fans have been preparing their wallets for what seems like the inevitable arrival of more male X-Men statues.

But while most have been anticipating an all-new Cyclops, Gambit or Nightcrawler, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for those—because the next X-Man up is a costume-less version of Wolverine himself: civilian Logan!

Side View of Premium Format Logan Wolverine Statue Sideshow 2019There’s literally no question that Wolverine is the most popular X-Men character ever, so it should never come as a shock when a new statue of him is abruptly announced. But is he worthy of his slot?

Sideshow Collectibles Logan Statue on Bar StoolWell, overall, I would say that this looks like a “good” statue of Wolverine—but perhaps not one that’s quite worthy of the retail price that Sideshow has set for him: $565 for the regular version and $580 for the exclusive.

Close-Up of Base on Premium Format Logan StatueI really like the pose and design for this piece: the textured wooden floor and knocked over barstool feel totally natural as an environment that Logan would be hanging out in, and the clothes chosen for him look straight out of the comics.

Sideshow Logan Premium Format Figure Size Scale PhotoThe open-mouthed angry head sculpt for Logan also looks terrific, in my opinion. I’ve heard some folks say they don’t like it, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an unmasked Wolverine portrait on a statue that I like more. Looks and feels authentic to me. Love it.

Sideshow Exclusive Logan Statue Smiling Portrait HeadWhat I don’t love, however, is the Exclusive “smiling” portrait. I don’t know if the artists were using Jack Nicholson from “The Shining” for their reference material or what, but this psychotic smile makes the head look more like the Joker to me than it does Wolverine. The “adamantium skull” peeking through also doesn’t ring true in my eyes. I’m sure some folks will dig this EX head, but it’s not for me.

Mixed Media Jeans on Wolverine Logan PF Figure StatueAnd while the clothes picked for Logan are an appropriate choice, I sure wish his jeans were sculpted instead of being fabric. I think the day of mixed media high-end statues has passed—especially when only one portion of a costume is mixed media as is the case here.

Comparison of Sideshow Exclusive Logan Head and Regular HeadAs I mentioned earlier, the price-tag on this also puts a frown on my face. At $400 a few years ago, I think this would have been a barn burner of a release for Sideshow that would easily sell thousands of pieces.

But in this day and age of a crowded statue marketplace, a revisit of Wolverine priced at almost $600 for a 15” figure is an infinitely harder sell than it would have been in 2014. Being Wolverine, I still think this will sell okay, but I suspect many collectors may put this on their long-term list rather than rushing to place a pre-order.

Logan Premium Format Figure Sideshow Collectibles Statue 2019The Sideshow Logan Premium Format Statue goes up for order this afternoon, and is expected to be released in late 2019. Many Sideshow PFs have had the EX edition size set early and sold out months before shipping lately, but it remains to be seen if they’d do a low run on a guaranteed seller like a Wolverine variant. I think the real value of pre-ordering this piece earlier is the longer payment plans rather than the risk of any kind of sell-out.

Thoughts on the latest Logan Statue to come our way, Marvel collectors? Do you still think that there’s a market for mixed media statues like this one, and do you think the price on this particular one is kosher?

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