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Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Juggernaut 1/4 Statue (w/ Kitty Pryde) Up for Order!

Of all the remaining Marvel comic book villains yet to be captured in 1:4 scale statue form by any major company, X-Men villain Juggernaut is at the very top of the list. And after years of demand from collectors, Sideshow Collectibles finally heard the outcry and announced a Premium Format scale Juggernaut last year! And now, the Sideshow Exclusive Juggernaut Statue (with Kitty Pryde EX!) goes up for order today… but will the Unstoppable Juggernaut be stopped by a startling price-tag?

Sideshow Exclusive Juggernaut Maquette with Kitty Pryde StatueWhen Sideshow Collectibles first announced their 1/4 Juggernaut maquette last year, it was big news. This is probably the single most-requested villain left to be done in quarter-scale form in the entire Marvel Universe, and a statue that seemed destined to be a best-selling statement piece.

But now that the day for pre-orders has finally arrived, there’s definitely a big question mark floating in the air as to how Cain Marko is going to fare sales-wise. The piece itself is spectacular—but the MSRP on this piece just may end up smashing sales.

Close-Up of Sideshow Juggernaut Premium Format Figure MaquetteFor those who haven’t heard, Sideshow has set the retail price on this Juggernaut maquette to a wallet-crushing amount of $1350 for the regular edition and $1390 for the exclusive. “Holy crap!” is very close to what came out of my mouth when I first saw that blistering price-tag announced this week.

Sideshow Premium Format Rogue vs Juggernaut StatuesI was anticipating around $1000 max, so that price was definitely a jaw-dropper. While this is unquestionably the largest and widest and heaviest X-Men statue Sideshow has done in their modern line, $1400+ after shipping is a bitter pill to swallow when Premium Format Hulk statues almost as large were being priced at $600 just a few years ago.

Sideshow Juggernaut Scale Photo with X-Men Series of Premium Format Figure StatuesSS was kind enough to include a scale photo of Juggs along with the rest of their line of modern 1/4th X-Men statues, but while the size ratio photo clearly illustrates the size of this humongous piece, it also doesn’t convince me that Juggernaut is as big as he should be. While the maquette is really large and bulky, Juggs seems a bit undersized next to Magneto in the photo—especially for costing nearly $1,400. Hmn.

Sideshow Collectibles Juggernaut Maquette Statue Dimensions SizeAside from the obvious complaints about the cost and potentially not being quite large enough (as ridiculous as that latter bit sounds), this 27” Juggernaut Statue is downright incredible. He’s not just tall—he’s also 23” deep and 14” wide, so this monster is likely going to need a whole new display shelf for many folks!

Side View of Juggernaut Sideshow Premium Format FigureThe work Sideshow’s designers and sculptors have done here is really outstanding. The bulky proportions feel just right to me, I love the pose and the way it appears that Cain is charging forward, the crazed eyes and mouth are awesome, the trashed Danger Room base is an excellent accent, and the textures on the muscles and armor are killer.

Close-Up of Juggernaut Sideshow Maquette Danger Room BaseThis is one incredible statue—it’s just a shame that it’s pricing such a huge portion of collectors out of the market with its MSRP.

Sideshow Exclusive Kitty Pryde Statue with Juggernaut EX MaquetteSideshow being Sideshow, there is (of course) a Juggernaut Exclusive Edition. And this time out, the Exclusive extra is… a whole other statue of another character (sort of)! Yes, for the first time ever, we’re getting a Sideshow Kitty Pryde… as a head and torso reaching out through the ground that the rest of her is (off-screen) phases into.

Sideshow Kitty Pryde Statue with Exclusive Juggernaut EX MaquetteHonestly, I think this is a really clever concept, and if we’re not getting a true 1:4 Kitty Pryde any time soon (and I doubt we are), this will at least work as a placeholder on the shelf.

Sideshow Premium Format Kitty Pryde AccessoryI’m not thrilled that Sideshow is charging an extra $40 for the EX Kitty Pryde accessory, given that this statue’s MSRP feels bloated to begin with, but I still prefer this sort of interesting Exclusive to something like an unmasked Cain Marko head that no one would ever display.

Premium Format Juggernaut Maquette Sideshow Collectibles 2019The Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Juggernaut Maquette is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in fall 2019 (around August-October)–that’s a mighty fast turnaround time! Payment plans are (thank god) available for this behemoth of a statue with an equally immense price-tag, so you might want to start a payment plan now to have the option of making as many small-ish payments as possible for this bad boy if you want him.

Sound off, X-Men fans! Now that you’ve seen all the details and official pics of Sideshow’s Juggernaut PF Statue, where do you stand on this massive piece? Did SS hit this most-wanted villain out of the ballpark, and are you contemplating paying his out of the ballpark price-point to own one?

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