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Sideshow Alien Warrior Mythos Maquette

Sideshow, in partnership with the artists at Legacy Effects, presents the Alien Warrior Mythos Maquette. Measuring 17.75-inches tall, the piece reimagines the Xenomorph with a distinct coloration and slightly altered bio-mechanical elements, such as its back tubes. It strikes me as a combination of the first ALIEN with the more insectoid creatures seen in ALIENS.


The Exclusive Edition of the Alien Warrior Mythos Maquette includes a removable Jonesy figure for the statue base (another nod to the original ALIEN), giving you an additional display option.


Pre-orders for the Alien Warrior- Mythos Maquette will begin on Thursday, November 8th between 12pm-3pm PST. The Exclusive Edition will be priced at $950.00 USD, and the Collector Edition will be priced at $935.00 USD.

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