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SH Figuarts Endgame Thanos Figure Up for Order in the US!

Many collectors of the Bandai Tamashii S.H. Figuarts like awoke today to some rather disappointing news: the Bandai SH Figuarts Avengers Endgame figures had launched overnight on all of the usual import sites–and promptly sold out from most of them! While certain figures like Ronin and Black Widow have remained available here and there on various sites, one figure predictably sold out instantaneously across all of them. Luckily, he’s getting a U.S. release for a reasonable price: the SH Figuarts Endgame Thanos figure is now up for order online in the US!

SH Figuarts Avengers Endgame Thanos FigureDue to the embargo on pre-releasing any news regarding what characters and figures would be done for Avengers End Game, a lot of SH Figuarts collectors went to bed last night with no idea what characters were going to be coming as action figures for the new movie–and then woke up to find out that the figures they didn’t even know were coming in the first place were already sold out.

Some of the figures such as Ant-Man and Captain America are ones that I’d expect to see restocked and re-solicited over the next few weeks, but the one that sold out the fastest is unfortunately the figure with more hype behind it than any other: the Armored Thanos Figuarts figure.

Close-Up of SH Figuarts Endgame Thanos Figure Head SculptWhereas Hasbro is only making the Avengers 4 Thanos available as a Build-A-Figure for those who buy the entire first wave of this year’s Avengers Legends (including comic-based characters like Nighthawk and Living Laser who aren’t exactly at the top of many movie fans’ wish lists), Bandai made the Mad Titan available all by his lonesome. And predictably, he sold like wildfire and was instantly gone within a few hours in the dead of the night in the United States.

Bandai Thanos Endgame SH Figuarts Figure Angry FaceLuckily, United States collectors aren’t fully up Crap Creep just yet. While none of the other Endgame figures that have gone up for pre-order overseas are available just yet (and very well may not be available domestically at all), Thanos is getting a release in the U.S. from Bandai Tamashii Nations. And better still, he’s priced at just $95 and free shipping–basically peanuts more than the 9,504 Japanese yen plus shipping he was priced at overseas. Thanks, Bandai!!

Bandai SH Figuarts Thanos Endgame Figure with SwordThe Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers Endgame Thanos figure is now up for order online via Amazon, and is scheduled to be released in June 2019. While it typically takes an extra month or so for Bandai Tamashii figures to arrive in the United States after hitting Asia, that release date still seems a little bit off to me, and I suspect Amazon will be pushing forward the ship date on this before we reach their estimated release date.

What do you think of Bandai Tamashii Nations’ take on the armored Mad Titan, MCU fans? Is this figure a big enough of an upgrade over the Hasbro Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure that you’re willing to plunk down close to 100 bucks shipped for it, or are you satisfied with the “free” BAF Hasbro is putting out?

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