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Sentinel Presents Rowen of the Strata (Tenku no Touma)

Sentinel Co., Ltd. is proud to announce Rowen of the Strata (Tenku no Touma) – their third action figure in the Chou-Dan-Kadou Yoroi Den Samurai Troopers line.

A boy genius with an IQ of 250 – Armor Warrior Rowen Hashiba is a descendant of the Hashiba family who follows the tradition of the Taiko Kampaku Clan.


The 6.5-inch action figure comes with a gorgeous set of anime-accurate Under-Gear and Yoroi-Gear (armor). This highly articulated figure of Rowen can assume a wide variety of fighting poses. Additionally his Armor-Gear can be displayed alone using the pedestal frame as seen in the anime! A “Shogi” stool is also included in the package to let Rowen relax alongside his Yoroi-Gear.


Using the hand variations provided, Rowen’s Shoha bow can be deployed in various attack modes. Using the special bow-hand included allows Rowen to reproduce his special “SHINKUHA” move concentrating the energy of the sky and knocking down enemies with the power of the planet’s atmosphere! The Shoha bow can also be
folded and attached to the back of “Strata” Yoroi-Gear.

As with the previous figures in the Ronin Warriors line, the figure comes with 3 kinds of facial expressions and includes an armor mask. The impressive workmanship done by Yuta Fuke in reproducing Rowen’s signature hairstyle and facial expressions will blow you away.

The “Strata” Yoroi-Gear Armor has been designed with superior molding for an improved anime-accurate presentation of this Ronin Warrior in both Under-Gear state and Armored modes. The Yoroi-Gear armor is predominantly realized in ABS Plastic with a glossy finish delivering a sharp and solid feel to this warrior figure.

Pre-order for this release starts worldwide on February 01, 2021 from retailers worldwide. The figure is priced at a MSRP of $125 and is estimated to ship in September 2021.

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