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SDCC 2019: WizKids HeroClix Update & Exclusive Previews!

-Scott Rubin

A lot of cool stuff can happen on the exhibit hall of San Diego Comic-Con, and this time around on the last day we got a really neat opportunity with WizKids Games. Our friends over there let us get a close up look at some upcoming Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Next Generation – Resistance Is Futile! We opened up a few boosters and took some guerilla photos right there at the booth (sorry for somewhat less than our in-depth review quality). So, without further ado let’s dive right in with some exclusive, brand new reveals from Resistance Is Futile!


In the uncommons is 010 Gowron, a warrior and politician known for his maneuverings on and off the battlefield. At this point not yet Chancellor, Gowron is a 100 point solid attacker that’s a boon to your Klingon team with lots of ways to clear tokens and give you more actions. First off is his Klingon Empire team ability that lets you clear a token from him when he hits an attack with a roll of 10-12. Gowron’s trait lets him pull a token from an adjacent ally or a Klingon when one of those takes damage from an attack once per turn.


Finally, three starting clicks of a special power gives him Leadership and the bonus ability to turn an adjacent ally or Klingon Autonomous for the turn! You can really get a lot of extra mileage for your team with Gowron at the helm. On the dial he has Indomitable and a 6 range starting with range (Running Shot/Precision Strike) before switching to melee (Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs with Battle Fury and later Flurry). He’s protected by early Mastermind, then Toughness and finally Combat Reflexes.

st-geordi la forge2

Switching from a warrior to an engineer we’ll next take a look at the rare 026 Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge. Fan-favorite Geordi is only 40 points with the United Federation of Planets, 5 range, and Improved Targeting ignoring hindering terrain. His four-click dial has two distinct sections, starting with Phasing/Teleport, Energy Shield/Deflection, and not one but two special powers; the first lets you roll a d6 and modify damage +1 on an ally’s attack for each die of its roll that matches Geordi’s roll while the second gives him Probability Control that can reroll just one die on an ally’s attack (to work with the previous special, obviously).

st-geordi la forge3

The second half of La Forge’s dial has Sidestep, Willpower, and Ranged Combat Expert for some strong range attacks. Add this chief engineer to make sure your attacks stick!

st-commander william riker2

I’ve got a real treat for you with a double dose of William Riker! First off is the rare 022 Commander William T. Riker, capturing “Number 1” from a very specific appearance in the early episode “Hide and Q.” A massive (for these sets) 125 points gives Will the Q team ability (uncopyable Willpower and PROTECTED: Outwit), 7 range, and a trait that lets him resurrect KO’d allies at the cost of his own health. This Q-powered Riker has a full dial of Phasing/Teleport and Probability Control on every other click. His first four clicks have two special powers, the first giving him free Telekinesis to pull back allies out of adjacency with enemies and the second combining Energy Shield/Deflection with Super Senses.

st-commander william riker3

At the end of his dial Riker amps up his attacks with rising values and Penetrating/Psychic Blast with only Super Senses for protection. He has the appropriate Cosmic keyword, and a 100 point value starting line on click #3.

st-mirror william riker2

Last but certainly not least is the fearsome chase 034 Mirror William Riker! He’s 100 points with the Mirror Universe team ability (Mystics), a 6 range, and three traits (some of which are shared with other Mirror figures): the first lets you move Riker into firing position then swap him out with a sideline character for an Opportunistic Maneuver figure when an ally is dealt two or more damage, the second gives Riker “Opposing characters within 6 squares can’t use team abilities” when he’s brought in by Opportunistic Maneuver, and the last gives him Shape Change with bonuses to the rolls that increase every time he succeeds at it.

st-mirror william riker3

On the dial Riker starts with Charge, Quake, Combat Reflexes, and a devastating special power that applies a token to characters he hits AND turns his damage penetrating against enemies with two action tokens. Later the Mirror character switches to Sidestep, Precision Strike, Toughness, and Close Combat Expert. Mirror Riker can also be played at 75 points starting on click #3.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Next Generation – Resistance Is Futile from the very floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. A big thanks goes out to WizKids for this opportunity. Scroll down for lots more pics, and stay tuned to for plenty more previews and reviews of HeroClix in the future!

-Scott Rubin

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