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Revoltech Psylocke Figure Photos & Pre-Order Info! Kaiyodo

Later on this month, I’ll be posting my review of the first new Hasbro Marvel Legends Psylocke figure in years from the recently-released X-Men Legends Apocalypse Series. But while Hasbro’s latest Betsy is just starting to reach most collectors’ hands, she’s already got some serious competition on the horizon for best 6” Psylocke figure ever: the Amazing Yamaguchi Kaiyodo Revoltech Psylocke is now up for order!

Kaiyodo Psylocke Revoltech Action FigureAlthough she’s been a staple of the X-Men since the Claremont era, Psylocke just does not get as much merch released as characters who feature more prominently in the X-Men movies such as Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Magneto.

But 2018-2019 is looking to be a pretty good time to be a Psylocke collector, as she’s got new collectibles coming out from Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles and even Kaiyodo are getting in on the act!

Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke Revoltech Six Inch Figure with Katana SwordThis Psylocke Revoltech is the first-ever major import action figure made for the character—is she worth paying import prices to acquire?

Psylocke X-Men Kaiyodo Revoltech Figure Psyblades JumpingBased off the official photos and what was shown at Wonder Fest, I’m feeling pretty positive overall about this new Kaiyodo Psylocke Revoltech. The flexibility on her clearly blows that of the X-Men Marvel Legends version out of the water, her paint deco looks incredible, and her articulated hair (while it won’t be for everyone) is ridiculously cool.

X-Men Revoltech Psylocke Figure Wielding SwordSpoilers for my upcoming review, but one area where I think Hasbro really kind of flubbed it with their new 6” Psylocke Legends figure is the face, which just does not have a great likeness to Betsy Braddock.

Revoltech Psylocke Figure Face Plates and Moveable EyesKaiyodo’s Psylocke faces are a lot more stylized and anime-feeling than Hasbro’s portrait, but I think they actually feel more authentic to how she’s portrayed in at least some comic books. The serious/aggressive face is definitely the better of the two, but I imagine some folks will like the smiling option. And the movable eyes really bring the faces to life!

Kaiyodo Revoltech Psylocke Accessories Swords Hands FacesThere’s two places where Hasbro has an advantage on Kaiyodo, however. First, the accessories: while the Revoltech version has more of them overall (with five swords and six hands), I really feel the lack of a short Psyblade dagger for Betsy’s arm. I also really like Hasbro’s “psychic butterfly” effect to attach to Betsy’s head, and I’m hoping it’ll be compatible with this Revoltech.

The other advantage ML Psylocke has is the price: an MSRP of around 20 bucks. Kaiyodo Revoltech Psylocke is an expensive import figure that’s going to end up costing around $70 shipped no matter where you get her. That’s the cost of almost 4 Marvel Legends figures, and not necessarily a price that every collector is willing to shell out for one six inch figure.

Psylocke Revoltech Figure Crouching with PsybladeThe Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke Revoltech is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in Q1 2019. Kaiyodo still doesn’t have any license to distribute their Marvel Revoltech figures in the United States, so collectors who want Betsy Braddock will have to import her directly or buy from an import store like BBTS.

Now that we’ve seen what both Hasbro and Kaiyodo have to offer on the Psylocke front, which version do you prefer, Marvel collectors? And if Revoltech Psylocke is more your jam, are you willing to shell out almost quadruple the cost of the Marvel Legends version to have her?

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