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REVIEW: Super Impulse Micro MEGO Monsters

Over the summer we shared news of a new sub-line for Super Impulse’s impressive World Smallest brand of miniature playthings: Micro Action Figures (read our in-depth review HERE)! Priced at a bargain SRP of $5.99 each, this fun novelty series kicked off strong with teeny tiny versions of classic action figure licenses, including Hasbro’s Transformers, GI Joe and Power Rangers.



Since the debut of Micro Action Figures, the line has grown to include several other hot retro properties, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe, and now – just in time for Halloween – Mego’s vintage collection of Horror Monsters!


Based on the groundbreaking 8-inch clothed figure series from the ’70s, Super Impulse’s micro Mego monsters assortment features four classic characters in retro-styles – Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, Nosferatu and Dracula.



What’s great about Super Impulse’s Micro Action Figures is not only do you get your favorite retro toys in the world’s smallest size – a mere 1.25-inches tall – but each of these articulated figures (3 points!) also comes in a micro-scaled replica of their original blister card! The cards in this case aren’t made of cardboard, but are cast in a hard plastic,  perfect for display and storage. Flip each card replica over to find a small door so that you can remove your Micro Mego Monster!


Included with each figure is a clear pegged display base (each figure has a hole in one foot!), and in the case of The Invisible Man and Frankenstein, micro accessories are even added! Frankenstein’s monster comes with chained shackles, while The Invisible Man packs the smallest action figure accessory I have every seen: a flask of invisibility serum the size of a pin head! What’s truly insane is the figure can actually hold it!



I’m absolutely in love with Super Impulse’s new Micro Action Figure series. These tiny toys pack a lot of fun in a scale that’s easy to collect and display. While only the size of a larger action figure accessory, Micro Action Figures are guaranteed to impress with their impossibly small design.

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Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Samples Courtesy of Super Impulse

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