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REVIEW: NECA Ultimate Scout Predator

Following the release of their killer Armored Lost Predator (read our review HERE), NECA continues to unleash “Ultimate” action figures of the Lost Tribe in celebration of Predator 2‘s 30th Anniversary. Next up is the Scout Predator, a Yautja that’s an “expert in reconnaissance and strategic observation”.



Housed in a deluxe window box, the Ultimate Scout Predator immediately impresses with its amazing cover art by Tristan Jones. His illustration really sets the tone for the figure inside; a patient Predator on overwatch, ready to back up his Lost Tribe brothers with his precision sniper skills.



Originally introduced way back in NECA’s 2012 Predators Series 6, the Scout Predator is based on its brief appearance at the end of Predator 2 where the “Lost Tribe” decloaked and revealed themselves to Danny Glover’s character. The look of the original figure and the new “Ultimate” release is the same – a cool silver color-variant of Predator 2’s more copper-colored City Hunter. What’s new is the intriguing backstory and insane amount of newly added weapons and accessories. They don’t call these “Ultimate” figures for nothing!



The Scout Predtor is controversial to some Predator purists in that it is armed with a rifle. While I was initially taken aback by the inclusion of the weapon, I have to say that all the complaints are hogwash. Just pause and think about it for a second: The movie Predators have ALWAYS had shoulder-mounted plasma casters – with precision laser guidance, no less. What’s the difference between that and a hand-held plasma caster? Heck, I’d think it’d require MORE skill to properily aim and hit your target with a sniper rifle than simply turning your head and shooting off a plasma bolt all willy-nilly.


What’s cool with this weapon is that NECA provides two versions of it – both folded-up and compact (in which you can plug it onto the Scout Predator’s back), or full extended and ready for sniper use. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. The plasma rifle also extends EVEN MORE with a barrel that slides out and two bi-pod legs that fold down! 


Regardless of the complaints, the Scout Predator packs BOTH his custom-built plasma rifle and shoulder-mounted plasma caster (with plug-on blast effect!), along with a plug-on GAUNTLET BLASTER, just for good measure. This guy likes plasma, A LOT. 



The Scout Predator evidently likes traditional Yautja weaponry too, as this figure packs about every bladed weapon in the Predator arsenal. “Reconnaissance,” my ass; the Scout Predator is more like a walking one-man army. Other weapons include extending wrist blades, a throwing disc – both open and closed (the former can stow on his hip) and a retractable spear (in both open and closed modes).


Other accessories include an alternate unmasked head (with wild boar-like tusks!) and interchangeable hands for holding all those crazy weapons. My only complaint here is that I couldn’t find a hand that properily held the sniper rifle. Oh, there’s some that come close, but a more custom-fit hand with a solid grip would have been nice. 


This Predator even has the classic nuclear self-destruction gauntlet – complete with flip-open panel!



All that Predator love for only $32.99. The Scout Predator is the most heavily armed Predator action figure I think NECA has ever released. The only weapon I can think of that is missing is the shuriken… which is just a different version of the throwing disc, and maybe the Wolf Predator’s unique whip. But everything else is here, and then some. Love or hate the plasma sniper rifle inclusion, I personally think it is pretty rad. It’s whole fold-up compact mode totally reminds me of the laser rifles seen in the  video game Mass Effect. Look-wise, the Scout is like a wild variant of Predator 2’s City Hunter; nothing but a good thing.

Fans can order this bad boy now at many fine retailers, including where it is shipping anyday now!

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Review and and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Sample courtesy of NECA

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