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REVIEW: NECA JAWS Quint 8-Inch Clothed Figure

As I made clear in my Figure Flashback of McFarlane Toys’ Deluxe JAWS Boxed Set (see my story HERE), I’m a HUGE fan of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 motion picture JAWS. JAWS ranks up there in my Top 10 of the best movies ever made; not necessarily because it’s a monster movie starring a giant Great White Shark terrorizing a lazy seaside town. No, JAWS ultimately succeeds because of its brilliant cast of characters and each actor’s amazing performance for the film.


JAWS is one of those movies that worked so well because of happy happenstance. From a mechanical shark that kept failing, forcing the film to slow-burn the creature’s ultimate reveal, to actors like Robert Shaw being so drunk that the now-classic USS Indianapolis scene had to be re-filmed… equaling cinematic perfection.


Capturing Shaw’s epic portrayal of the tragic fisherman in JAWS, NECA has released an 8-inch clothed figure of Quint. Dubbed “Shark Battle,” the figure reflects Quint’s final voyage on his ship named the Orca. Together with police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) and oceanographer Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss), Quint and crew would create one of the most memorable movie finales ever put on film.


What is so great about this collectible figure is the stellar likeness of Robert Shaw as Quint. What is going to be a challenge for many collectors is deciding on which “look” for Quint: be it with his worn baseball cap or sweaty bandana. Both accessories slip on the Robert Shaw head sculpt perfectly; looking phenomenal on display.


Remarkable portrait aside, it is all the specific extras NECA’s provides that makes this figure of Quint truly shine. I particularly like the micro accessories of Quint’s beloved beer, Narragansett Lager (creatively called “Necagetsit” due to licensing), as both full and empty cans (“Crush it like Quint!”), along with a sculpted hand just to hold the brew.


For shark-killing accessories, NECA goes all out with great gear, including Quint’s wooden baseball bat, flotation barrel harpoon gun, M1 Garand bolt-action rifle (ultimately used by Brody to blow up the shark), along with his iconic machete.


It is the latter that I feel most collectors will opt for on display; the weapon used in numerous scenes, including Quint’s grisly demise. Like the cans of “Necagetsit,” NECA provides alternate hands to hold all these cool items – both barehanded and gloved!



NECA’s JAWS Quint action figure is a remarkable love letter to the late great Robert Shaw and the movie masterpiece that is JAWS. While NECA’s plans for a Matt Brody figure sadly fell through (see our story HERE), an in-scale “Bruce” the shark is still on the table. Even if all we get is this amazing figure of Quint, NECA nailed it – crushing one of the coolest cinematic characters put on film.

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Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor
Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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