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REVIEW: Monogram’s Disney/Pixar INCREDIBLES 2 3D Keychain Collection

The timing for Monogram’s newest Disney 3D Foam Figure Keychain collection couldn’t get any better. Released in conjunction with the blockbuster hit Incredibles 2 earlier this month, this themed assortment is guaranteed to be a hit with fans.


Themed entirely around the new Disney/Pixar animated movie, the Incredibles 2 series stars everyone’s favorite superhero family. There’s the strong Mr. Incredible wearing his new blue costume, his stretchy wife Elastigirl, as well as their three children: daughter Violet, speedester son Dash, and newborn Jack-Jack.

DSCN5826Other characters include Edna, a Monster version of Jack-Jack, and villain’s Frozone and Screenslaver.


Like in the movie, Jack-Jack receives lots of love in this wave. In addition to Monster Jack-Jack, be on the look out for the two super rare chase figures: Jack-Jack in fire form and a shiny metal Jack-Jack! Out of a case of 24 blind bagged figures, only one of each of these two chases popped up – rare indeed!


Like Star Wars and Marvel, you just can’t go wrong with Disney collectibles. It’s a brand adored the world over. With Monogram’s Incredibles 2 3D Keychain Collection (technically Disney Series 16), fans can get their superhero fix with adorable and afforable toy versions of all their favorite characters.


Oh, and if you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, be sure and swing by Monogram’s booth #3645. On sale will be an exclusive Incredibles 2 Gift Set including the Jack-Jack in this wave, along with the two rare chase figures! Grab one early – priced at $25, this set will be limited to only 300 pieces!

Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Samples Courtesy of Monogram

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