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REVIEW: Monogram Steven Universe Blind Bagged Collection

There’s just no stopping Steven and the Crystal Gems! Now on its fifth season on the Cartoon Network, Steven Universe has developed a broad fan base, and with it, a broad of collection of collectibles.


I’ve reviewed Steven Universe product from various companies in the past, but everything then was based on characters and their appearances from the early days of the show. This month, Monogram steps up to the plate with their first Steven Universe blind bagged assortment and I was immediately struck by characters I knew, but with (mostly) all-new looks. Obviously Monogram is staying current with their debut release, something long-time Steven Universe fans will appreciate.


Hitting retail this month, Monogram’s assortment of Steven Universe 3D foam figure key chains features, of course, the star of the show – Steven. Collectors will have the chance to find two versions of the young boy: one that’s instantly recognizable with Steven flashing a toothy smile, and the other showing Steven dressed to the nines in a tuxedo. I’m out of the loop on Steven Universe’s modern storyline, but from what I’ve read up on, it looks like he’s ready to attend a wedding (more on that in a little bit).


Other characters to collect include the Crystal Gems, albeit with slightly different appearances than what I’m familiar with. These include Past Garnet and Past Pearl, Amethyst, and Kindergarten Rose.


Rounding out the core characters (there are 9 total to collect), are three members of the matriarchal body of Gem leaders known as The Great Diamond Authority: Pink, Yellow and Blue.


The two rare chase figures in the Steven Universe blind bagged assortment bring me back that wedding I referred to. It appears that Ruby and Sapphire, two blob-aliens who are both coded as female, get married. The two chase figures represent the cute same-sex couple in wedding attire. Congratulations!


Devoted fans of Steven Universe will appreciate this assortment for it’s current cast of characters; the addition of Wedding Ruby and Sapphire being especially current (it just occurred in July!).

I should also note that Monogram’s trademark chibi-styling for their 3D foam figures is a perfect fit with Steven Universe’s art style. Where most of Monogram’s blind bagged figures come off as cute, stylized versions of the characters you know and love, these new Steven Universe figures look like they stepped right out of the cartoon. 

Monogram’s Steven Universe blind bagged assortment hits stores (such as Hot Topic) this month!

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Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Samples Courtesy of Monogram

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