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REVIEW: Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Cat Plush Collection

Reviewing plush is tough. What’s there really to say about a soft, huggable collectible of your favorite >insert character here< from your favorite >insert license here<? They are what they are.


Kidrobot shakes things up a bit by introducing a new line of plush that actually has a fascinating story behind them.


Presenting Kidrobot’s new  Andy Warhol Cat Plush Collection:

Andy Warhol published a series of cat portraits in 1954 titled, “25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy” as a collaboration with his mother Julia Warhola to honor the numerous felines they had. This book was privately printed by the artist in small quantities featuring blotted-line watercolor drawings in vibrant pop-art colors. Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up to bring his iconic portraits of Warhol’s much-loved cats into your home!


This trio of colorful felines instantly caught my eye on display at Toy Fair; Kidrobot’s Warhol Cat Plush standing out as unique pieces of art, which of course, is exactly what they are. I’m not a huge fan of Andy Warhol’s art (bold and innovative, but highly overrated), but these simplistic, colorful cat designs speak to me. I’m a huge cat lover too, so I’m sure that played a factor.


Unlike most plush toys which I find extremely awkward to display (they’re not particularly shelf friendly), Kidrobot’s Warhol Cat Plush are designed more like decorative throw pillows. They add a fun pop of color and whimsy to your home decor. Place them on the couch. Rest them in the corner of a room. Just like real cats, the Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Cat Plush should look good wherever you lay them. Well, maybe not the kitchen table. Or counter. 


The Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Cat Plush Collection is available to order now through priced at $29.99 each. There are three colors to collect, each plush measuring between 14 inches to 20 inches: Orange Sam the Cat, One Blue Pussy Cat and Yellow Sam the Cat

Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor 
Special Guest Appearances by Gizmo and Slinky
Review Samples Courtesy of Kidrobot


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