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REVIEW: Kidrobot x Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Vinyl Art Figure

Who’s a good boy?! 

When I first saw Kidrobot’s x Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Vinyl Art Figure, it reminded me a lot of when I  saw the McFarlane Toys x Clive Barker’s Tourtured Souls figure line for the first time. All I could think of was “That’s some pretty messed up stuff”. And I mean that in a good way… as I love me some pretty messed up stuff. 


Available for order now directly through priced at $49.99, the Mr. Pickles Vinyl Art Figure is based on the animated Adult Swim series of the same name. The series revolves around the Goodman family, especially their 6-year-old dimwitted son named Tommy and the family’s border collie, the demonic Mr. Pickles. Standing 8.5-inches tall, the vinyl figure captures Mr. Pickles in one of his murderous rampages: prancing about on a bloody, pentagram-iced cake holding four severed heads. Pretty messed up stuff, indeed.


Packaging really sets the tone for a collectible, and Kidrobot goes all out with the design for Mr. Pickles. The front smartly showcases the vinyl figure through a Mr. Pickles shaped window silhouette, while all sides of the box feature bold artwork from the series.


If the warped “666 Good Boy” side panels didn’t  grab your attention, the devil dog theme continues on even as you lift the lid to the box. The surprise graphic shows Kidrobot thinking outside (inside?) the box when it comes to packaging design. it really reels you in – building up the anticipation to freeing the vinyl figure inside.


Housed between two plastic clamshells, Mr. Pickles comes out fully assembled and ready for shocking display. It’s like watching a train wreck: it’s all so wrong, yet Mr. Pickles is sooooo happy. Should I be? 


This vinyl figure is a real treat for Mr. Pickles fans.  I haven’t even seen Mr. Pickles and I dig this piece, which just goes to show there is a market for twisted vinyl like this beyond the die-hard fan base. Hats off to Kidrobot for going all out with their Adult Swim license. The Mr. Pickles Vinyl Art Figure entertains with bold color, playful composition and super warped sculpting design. It’s sure to be a conversation piece in anyone’s collection. Just don’t show your mom…

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Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Sample Courtesy of Kidrobot

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