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REVIEW: Gecco Metal Gear Solid / Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Statue

Cyborg Ninja is one of my favorite video game character designs… and that’s coming from someone that hasn’t even played a Metal Gear Solid game.  It’s just that perfect combination of sleek-sci-fi mono-eyed cybernetic-badassery merged with the aesthetics of a sword-wielding ninja warrior. The McFarlane Toys 6-inch action figure from 1999 turned me on to the awesome look, which in turn immediately prompted me to purchase the 10-inch Play Arts Kai version in 2012. As you can see, a pattern is emerging: there aren’t a whole lot of Cyborg Ninja collectibles produced, but each one released keeps getting bigger and better.


Enter Gecco and their amazing 1/6th scale 12-inch tall Cyborg Ninja PVC statue. This piece elevates the Cyborg Ninja – better known as Gray Fox in the first game – to a whole new level. What amazes me is how much better this looks than the now out-dated video game graphics (and the concept art) Cyborg Ninja is based on. Cyborg Ninja NEVER looked this good as a fully rendered 3D collectible.1cyborgGUN

The problem I have always had with Cyborg Ninja collectibles is the option given on how to display him. Each figure released so far as been more than generous with two interchangeable weapon arms: Cyborg Ninja clutching his high frequency blade, the other with his arm cannon. 


Both versions look SO COOL, but I have to give the arm cannon a slight nudge this time around. The detail Gecco put into this weapon – complete with a magazine that you insert into the gun AND the spare duel-mags that magnetically attach to each side of Cyborg Ninja’s waist – place it over the top as Cyborg Ninja’s go to display mode for me.DSCN4425

Awww, but Gecco has to makes things even harder! Not only do you get the two weapon arm options, but you also get TWO head sculpts!  The classic mono-eyed sculpt is solid, however the head revealing Frank Jaeger’s exposed battle-damaged face is simply breathtaking. Just check out those jacked-up eyes! Decisions, decisions, decisions.


It’s mono-eyed Cyborg Ninja that ultimately wins me over, however, if nothing more than it is the classic look that originally wooed me AND the fact that Gecco added a nice extra: a light-up feature!


Popping the alternate heads on and off reveals a post with a small switch. Activating said switch turns on a light that does wonders in bringing the mono-eye cyborg look to life. 3 button cell batteries are included. You just need to remove the protective plastic stripe for them to work.


Also notice the immaculate tampo script all over this figure. From the clearly visible “Tokugawa Heavy Industries” stamped on his helmeted forehead, to the “Power lines below, avoid applying pressure” on his wrists. Just insane, crisp detail that elevates this collectible to a new plane of realism.


This is hands down the best Cyborg Ninja collectible ever produced. It might not move like an action figure, but the dynamic pose Gecco chose is pure perfection – whether it is Cyborg Ninja gripping his electro-katana in anticipation of his battle with Solid Snake or powered up and ready to lay down fire with his devastating laser arm cannon. Each dynamic pose, combined with an alternative head sculpt option (and light-up feature!) make displaying this piece ridiculously cool. Tack on super clean paint apps, Gecco’s unparalleled sculpting details, and a slick display base and you have yourself a clear winner.

Gecco’s Cyborg Ninja 1/6th scale PVC statue is still available to order directly through Gecco Direct or through our online sponsor priced at $299.99 . As I have stated many times with my Gecco reviews, if this is something you are on the fence about – BUY IT NOW. These statues sell out crazy fast and only go for double the money on the secondary market afterwards. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Gecco’s Cyborg Ninja 1/6th scale PVC statue ships out this month.

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