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REVIEW: Back to the Future Playmobil (2015 and Marty’s Truck)

-Review and Photos By Andy Jones


Are you ready for Part II? Playmobil’s Back to the Future sets were a huge success and a big favorite with BTTF Fans and Playmobil collectors alike. The Advent Calendar sold out quickly and now people are trying to not be buttheads and pick up these new sets: 2015 Hoverboard Chase and Marty’s Truck.



Marty’s Pickup Truck 70633

At the end of the first Back to the Future, Marty wakes up to see his life turned on its head and it seems everything has improved. This is symbolized with the 4×4 pick-up truck waiting for him in the garage.


Marty barely gets to enjoy the truck before he’s whisked away on another time-traveling adventure and almost tears apart the space-time continuum. The truck has details right from the movie, with the lift kit and extra lights on top. The hood opens to expose the engine and the tailgate in the back folds down. This is perfect for taking Jennifer up to the lake for the weekend and maybe just park for a little bit.

This set comes with Marty (in his outfit without the jean jacket or puffer vest) Jennifer in her “BTTF II” outfit, and 1985 Biff with car-waxing kit. I love the green track suit and wax rag and spritz bottle. His hair is perfect as well. This set is well made and fits with your BTTF collection nicely.


Hoverboard Chase 70634

YES YES YES. I have been dreaming of a playmobil hoverboard (and 2015) playset every since they announced the BTTF license. And here we are. You even get a piece of the Hill Valley Courthouse Mall pond for this classic moment.


In addition to the bit of landscaping and water feature, there are four 2015 characters included in this set. You get 2015 Doc (with yellow “labcoat” and shiny sunglasses) Marty with self drying jacket, power laces and rainbow hat, Griff with his bat and metal waffle cap, and one of the HIll Valley police officer.


No more teasing, here they are. Marty’s pink Hoverboard and Griff’s Pit Bull. They’re expertly detailed and look like they’re straight from the screen. They have a small rotating plug that attaches to their feet. They look great, I only have 2 small suggestions. One is I’d love to display Marty holding the hoverboard in his hand, the width of the board is too slim to fit securely. Also, while I enjoy that they included a clear stand to provide the illusion of floating, the hoverboards do not attach to the boards at all, so you have to work it a little bit to get them to stay on. Otherwise it’s great having the boards “float” off the ground.


I love that we get a bit of water, a bit of sidewalk, with some landscaping and some 2015 Future signs like Jaws 19 and Goldie Wilson III’s hovercar transitions. All of Marty’s details are present, from his “lenticular” hat (here it’s a sparkly/pearlescent coat), the auto-drying jacket and the Nike Air Mags.


I love Doc’s super reflective sunglasses and 2015 outfit. In the movie the yellow overcoat is long down to his knees. Playmobil provided two versions of the coat. With a simple switcheroo you can use the waist length coat for sitting in the car, or the longer version for when he’s out of the car. This is clearly a detail for the collectors.


One of the key accessories I was looking forward to was the Mr. Fusion for the DeLorean. I absolutely love the fact that any other toy company would sell you a BTTF 1 DeLorean, and then sell you a completely seperate DeLorean to get the Mr. Fusion and flip-down wheels. Here playmobil included the Mr. Fusion and it plugs right in to the existing Playmobil Delorean, right where the plutonium would go. The detail is incredible and my DeLorean just looks more complete now.


At first I questioned the inclusion of the police officer, as it was such a small part, but I love the bonus lenticular postcard, a fun version of the USA Today from 2015. Flip it back and forth and the headline switches between YOUTH JAILED and GANG JAILED. The photos change between the Hill Valley police arresting Griff and Marty Jr. So it’s a nice inclusion getting the police officer and her hover-bike.


I like how each set completes a little bit of the BTTF universe and now I can combine sets to recreate favorite scenes from the movie. Here I’ve got the jacket-less Marty from the Pickup truck set, the DeLorean with the new Mr. Fusion accessory, and the 2015 Doc behind the wheel.


You can tell there are Back to the Future fans working on these playmobil sets. These are clearly geared towards BTTF collectors and enthusiasts, but these sets are still perfectly suitable as toys to be enjoyed with younger fans. The playmobil design aesthetic comes through but retains all of the details and heart of the movies. As an enthusiast, these are some of my favorite BTTF collectibles. I recently went to LA to visit my favorite filming locations. This photo was taken at the Puente Hills mall, the real-life location for Lone Pine Mall. You can see more filming location shots below.

Review and Photos By Andy Jones

Review Samples Courtesy of Playmobil

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