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Race into #Easter with Hot Wheels and Finders Keepers!

Finders Keepers, one of the fastest growing Candy and Toy Surprise brands, has expanded its roster with the globally recognized, multigenerational brand Hot Wheels. With Easter just around the corner, the Finders Keepers Hot Wheels is the only chocolate egg you’ll want from the Easter Bunny!.


With Hot Wheels Finders Keepers, consumers get to enjoy a delicious milk chocolate egg plus a fun surprise car. Hot Wheels fans and collectors can collect 10 all-time classics in the latest set including a special, rare Super Van that pulls back to drive. The Hot Wheels license joins a strong roster of licensed properties including PAW Patrol, LOL Surprise, Peppa Pig and SpongeBob.


Hot Wheels Finders Keepers can be found at checkout stands in major retailers nationwide for $2.00 USD.