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A low rumbling has been heard for days from beneath the foundation that has been built atop the infamous the Storhorsmun battlefields in one of the darkest corners of Mythoss. The tremor grows louder with each passing day, and rumor has it that the heavily guarded entrance to the tunnels and burial grounds below Storhorsmun won’t be able to withstand the impending onslaught. The belief is that warriors thought to have been gone forever shall splinter the heavy wooden doors leading up from the forgotten catacombs, and if this comes to pass our strength alone won’t be able to withstand them.
This is a call to all of the legions of warriors who may be brave enough to join us in battle once again. Though the faces of those expected to emerge from within the darkness of the catacombs may be familiar ones, know that they return only to decimate the will and the coffers of their former allies, and you will be expected to viciously strike each one down as if they were the devil himself. Please prepare yourself and your finest weaponry – if you dare – to gather together next Friday evening. More details will be delivered soon, but together we will be Mythic Legions against…