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Power-Con 2020 Panel Line-up August 8-9th, 2020 #MOTU


August 8-9, 2020 

Tune in this weekend for the ultimate MOTU fan event!


Castle Grayskull Virtual Room


*The above link will go live Saturday at 12pm*

Discover and learn about cool MOTU artifacts hidden throughout Castle Grayskull!




7-7:30pm “Welcome to Power-Con Online”

Moderator: Val Staples





12-1pm “Building out the Universe: MEGA CONSTRUX Panel”

Moderator: “Pixel Dan” Eardley

Panelists: Sr. MEGA Construx Product Designers: Felipe and Kevin



Thanks to Mega Construx, He-Fans and She-Ravers have the power to build their own amazing universe. And now that universe is expanding further. Not only will the design team reveal the coveted Spring 21 line of toys, but they’ll be discussing MOTU behind the scenes, including the design process and what makes MOTU collectors building sets stand apart in the toy aisle. Join us and build the power!

1:30-2:30pm “By the Power of Preschool: Imaginext and Little People Panel”

Moderator: “Pixel Dan” Eardley

Panelists: Matt Flesher, Thom Bower, Rob Hageman, and Hannah Dahl Link:


Have you wished that the Masters of the Universe could be part of the Little People play experience for children in your life? What if that experience extended to the toys from Imaginext? That wish is coming true. Find out what’s in store for these powerful preschool lines!

3-5pm “Masters of the Universe – Tabletop RPG Reveal”

Panelists: Adam Bradford and Cam Banks

Special Guests: Felicia Day and “Masters of the Universe: Revelation’s” Tiffany Smith and Phil LaMarr Link:


Join hosts Adam Bradford and Cam Banks with special guests Felicia Day and Master of the Universe: Revelation’s Tiffany Smith and Phil LaMarr to discover an exciting new adventure from the all-star team behind some of the world’s most iconic tabletop digital tools and games.




1-2:30pm “Guiding Fans Through He-Man and She-Ra Panel”

Panelists: “Pixel Dan” Eardley, Danielle Gelehrter, Eric Marshall, “MOTU Joe” Teague Link:


The long-awaited official guide to the toys of He-Man and She-Ra arrives from Dark Horse in early 2021, followed by a Power-Con exclusive supplemental edition that expands on the previously released character guide and world compendium. Learn what went into making these books from some of the talent involved.


3-4pm “Masters of the Multiverse”

Moderator: Danielle Gelehrter

Panelists: Rob David, Tim Seeley, Tom Derenick



Rob David, keeper of all of the secrets and Grayskull and VP of Mattel TV has had a hand in recent comics, entertainment and more. Join him for this panel where he discusses the stories of the Multi-verse with two passionate He-Creators as they dive deep into the MOTU canon. There is no telling what secrets might be revealed during this panel!

4:30-5:30pm “From Origins into the Masterverse: Mattel Action Figures Panel”

Moderator: “Pixel Dan” Eardley

Panelists: Josh Graham, Ruben Martinez, Robert Rudman, Sam Pak, Roy Juarez, Terry Higuchi Link:


Masters of the Universe is back in stores! The retro-inspired Origins line is bringing He-Man back to his roots. But the power doesn’t end there. The future is huge for the most powerful man in the universe. Stay glued to this panel to find out what is next!



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Seeing new reveals on the show floor of Power-Con is part of the convention experience. So since we can’t do it in person for 2020, Mattel and Power-Con are doing some of it online!

The Grayskull Treasure Room is a 3D room where the user is standing in the middle and can turn 360 degrees around the room. In this room you will find various things you can click on. Some reveal images and slideshows, some reveals videos, and one is a contractual agreement that, when clicked on, automatically signs your entire collection over to Power-Con! Okay, the last one isn’t real. But we hope the others offer you a fun way to see some of the awesome Masters of the Universe product from Mattel and some of its licensees.