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Porsche Cup Brazil & Iron Studios: Spoiler Car Challenge!

Iron Studios will bring the Porsche Cup Brazil to CCXP Worlds, the biggest pop culture event in the world, which in 2020 will be 100% online!

In addition to all the special and exclusive content shown during the event, we present the Spoiler Car, the car that in addition to racing in the last stage of the championship this season of 2020, brings 17 tips for future releases from Iron Studios that will be presented at CCXP, referring to the new statues, as well as new licenses.

In the coming days, the Porsche Cup Brazil will post photos with the details of this car on its Instagram page. Write down every detail of this car and use your knowledge of pop culture!


Whoever checks Iron Studios’ Instagram on November 14, when Iron Studios will publish the final photo at 7:00 pm (Brasília time), and is the first person to unveil the 17 spoilers correctly, pointing out the spoilers and their meanings , will win a complete Set of CCXP Worlds exclusive collectibles! This is valid for fans and collectors worldwide, following the global concept of CCXP Worlds 2020.


Now is the time to use all your insight and knowledge in pop culture, and face this challenge! Whoever is quick as a Porsche on the track and responds first will receive the grand prize at home! The winner will be announced during the Inside Iron Studios event, which will take place from December 4th to 6th and will be 100% online, on Youtube!