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Pinfinity Brings Fandom to Life Through Interactive Patent Pending Augmented Reality Enabled Collectible Pins

New Subscription Service, Pinfinity+ Gaming, Adds Pop-Culture Icon Pac-Man to December’s Pinfinity Exclusive Subscription Drop

Today, Pinfinity, the makers of augmented reality enamel pins that bring some of pop-culture’s greatest fandoms to life through animation, sound and interactive experiences, announce the inclusion of the legendary gaming and pop-culture mega icon, Bandai-Namco’s Pac-Man, to its line of patent-pending AR pins. The pins will be first available exclusively through December’s Pinfinity+ Gaming subscription drop in celebration of the last month of Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. These exclusive Pac-Man pins come alive with nostalgic music, custom animation, and even unlock access to downloadable content.

Launched earlier this year, Pinfinty’s patent-pending offering takes the licensed pin category and brings it into the future by starting with high-quality pins and adding a digital layer of animation, sound, and interactivity through the lens of their free Pinfinity mobile app available on Google Play and the Apple Store. They recently launched Pinfinity+, a first of its kind AR collectible pin monthly subscription service focusing first on gaming (Pinfinity+ Gaming), with additional verticals to come. Pinfinity+ Gaming celebrates the fandom behind some of the most iconic gaming franchises in history. Their first Pinfinity+ Gaming theme, set to drop in November, features CAPCOM’s Street Fighter franchise.


Founded by a team of experienced professionals with over one billion dollars in licensed direct to consumer product sales, Pinfinity pins feature top franchises in fandom and include Hasbro (Transformers, My Little Pony, Power Rangers, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, G.I. Joe), Henson Studios (Fraggle Rock, Farscape, The Dark Crystal), Tetris, CAPCOM (Street Fighter), Bandai-Namco (Pac-Man), Jay and Silent Bob, NASA and more. Pinfinity aims to develop the world’s greatest pin collecting community through exciting products and exceptional service, uniting the world in the shared celebration of fandom. You can keep up-to-date on all things Pinfinity through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


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