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PHOTO REVIEW: Spin Master DC Comics Batman Bat-Tech Toy Fair NY Exclusive

Spin Master has been doing some really awesome things with the DC Comics license, with a ton of super cool toys aimed at kids and collectors alike. Their 4 inch figure line, in particular, with its huge range of characters and fun features has been a big hit. Next, Spin Master is transitioning the line to Bat-Tech! The company had planned an exclusive debut figure to be unveiled at Toy Fair NY, but with the cancellation of the in-person show have sent some out to media outlets and we’re excited to show it to you today!


This exclusive Bat-Tech Batman comes in a really neat package, a pod with hinged front sections held closed by magnets. Overall, it’s roughly lozenge shaped, and at least to me seems like a container you might find on Batman’s utility belt. It’s decorated like Batman’s torso with a black background, black and yellow chest emblem, and the yellow utility belt wrapping around it. The DC logo appears toward the bottom in black and white, and if you close closely, you can see the Spin Master logo and figure details at the bottom.


Open those front doors and you’ll find Batman nestled in the middle flanked by two racks of equipment for the Dark Knight’s Bat-Tech missions. The figure is held in place by a couple plastic bands, while the accessories are held in plastic trays super tightly (it’s tough to get them out without damaging the packaging).


The 4 inch Batman appears to share the same sculpt with previously released figures like the Target exclusive Caped Crusader, and it’s quite good. Bruce Wayne’s batsuit shows off a good amount of musculature while also retaining costume elements like the bladed gauntlets, heavy boots, cape and cowl, utility belt, and more. The figure’s cape is soft goods but still stiff enough that it hands straight. The proportions of the sculpt are slightly exaggerated, which is spot on for this kid-centered line.


Batman is very dark with a combination of deep gray and black on his costume that’s broken up only by gold on his chest emblem and utility belt, the exposed lower half of his face, and his white eye lenses. As with all of the other 4 inch figures Batman has a great deal of poseability thanks to 11 points of articulation with multiple ball joints and a wide range of motion. Check out all the photos for some of the cool poses I was able to recreate!


Of course, the real fun in this exclusive set is outfitting Batman with all of his crazy Bat-Tech mission accessories. There’s armor in form of an outer helmet, breastplate, and gauntlets with three batarangs, a grapnel gun, and two more high tech-looking devices. All of these parts can fit on or be held well, though the gauntlets are a bit awkward. Again, see the photos for all of the accessories in action.


The Batman Bat-Tech line of figures consists of 4 inch figures with accessories and a mission poster, a 2-in-1 Batmobile, 12 inch figures, and Deluxe Batman 12 inch electronic figure with lights and sounds. Look for these exclusively at Target and Walmart right now.

Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

Review sample courtesy of Spin Master.

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