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Overwatch: Tracer – London Calling Issue #2 Available Now!

Overwatch’s Tracer is back with the latest installment to Dark Horse’s Overwatch digital comics!

Starting today, fans can check out Issue #2 of Tracer – London Calling. Writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Babs Tarr continue to tell the story of the years after Overwatch has been disbanded, when the world finds itself beset by injustice and vulnerable to self-interested powers. Sentient, intelligent robots called omnics still struggle in the decades since the Omnic Crisis, demanding equality and an end to discrimination against their kind. The world needs heroes again, and heroes often come from unexpected places.

The new issue follows ex-Overwatch agent Tracer who has befriended Iggy, an omnic who shares her love of music. After visiting Iggy’s home in the Underworld, where most of London’s omnic population struggles to survive in harsh conditions, Tracer has vowed to help Iggy repair the Grid, the Underworld’s source of power. But in doing so, she’s attracted the attention of Kace and his followers, who believe nothing good can come from humans.

Fans can get the comic for free HERE