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NYCC2018: Amok Time

Amok Time was at New York Comic Con as a retailer AND as a company offering con goers their awesome Monstarz collectibles! For sale are their first two Creepshow 3 3/4-inch retro figures (Father’s Day & Something To Tide You Over). A third figure of Fluffy from “The Crate” is planned for next year (read our story HERE)! 


Also for sale: figures from Re-Animator, the Morlocks from H.G. Well’s “The Time Machine”, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, as well as some oldies-but-goodies, such as their Critters vinyl figure, Return of the Living Dead Tarman, Elvira, and Killer Klown Tiny action figures.


Some unique items being offered are Chet (from weird Science) and a Killer Tomato, both collectibles hand-made by a friend of Amok Time. Grab ’em while they last, these super limited items are going fast!

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