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NYCC: Spider-Man Marvel Legends Kingpin Series Figures Photos!

My apologies for the large gap in New York Comic Con coverage! I had braces put in this week, and what I thought was going to be a minor irritant ended up sidelining me for days. Alas. But I’m back now, and looking to fill in the NYCC blanks with the last of the Marvel Legends Hasbro brought along to the show: the previously-announced 2019 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Kingpin Series!

Marvel Legends NYCC 2019 Kingpin Series Spider-Man WaveI was about to move on to discussion of the Diamond Select Toys and Sideshow Collectibles showings from NYCC 2018, when I realized there were still a handful of figures at the Hasbro Press Event I hadn’t talked about yet at all: the ML Kingpin Wave.

While the figures displayed at the event had been shown at SDCC 2018, this was my first chance to pose and touch them to my heart’s content. Let’s take a look…

NYCC 2018 Kingpin Marvel Legends Build-A-FigureThe high point of this wave—by a landslide—is the Marvel Legends Kingpin Build-A-Figure.

Back of Kingpin BAF ML 2019Kingpin’s bulky body proportions are dead-on perfect for the character, and his diamond-topped cane is stellar. This body also works shockingly well with the upcoming Shadow King head coming with Professor X.

2019 Marvel Legends Kingpin Angry HeadWhile I really dig the stoic head on this Kingpin BAF, the open-mouthed, angry head with raised eyebrows is perfect for an infuriated Wilson Fisk. While I wanted a Netflix Kingpin more, there’s no faulting the excellence of this comic-based Kingpin figure.

2019 Marvel Legends Black Cat FigureThe rest of this wave… is a little bit less desirable. Marvel Legends Black Cat makes a return in her modern Marvel NOW costume, but this costume is far from popular with mainstream fans.

Back of Black Cat Marvel Legends Kingpin Series FigureSad as it may be, the yellow cat-eyes costume has just never caught on fandom. Black Cat merch always seems to sell well, but I have a bunch this won’t be as much a hot-ticket item as we’re used to.

Marvel Legends NYCC 2018 Silver Sable FigureFelicia Hardy isn’t coming alone, though—her costar from the now-cancelled “Silver & Black” movie is also in the wave: Marvel Legends Silver Sable!

Hasbro Silver Sable Marvel legends 2019 FigureHasbro has never tackled Silver Sable before, but she has been released as a Minimate, a HeroClix figurine and a Toybiz figure in the past.

Marvel Legends Kingpin Series Silver Sable Figure Close-UpI legit can’t remember the last time I read a great (or good) Silver Sable story, but I am looking forward to a super-articulated Legends figure of her.

Marvel Legends Night Thrasher Revealed NYCC 2018Not at the Hasbro Press Event, but announced during a New York Comic Con livestream, it’s Marvel Legends Night Thrasher! I was shocked to see the tumbleweeds rolling past hype-wise when this figure was announced, as I’ve got great memories of Night Thrasher from the original New Warriors series. He looks terrific, though I fear he’s destined to peg-warm.

NYCC 2018 Marvel legends 2019 Symbiote Spider-Man FigureFrom Dan Slott’s “Go Down Swinging” final arc of Amazing Spider-Man, we’ve got Marvel Legends Red Goblin and Modern Symbiote Spider-Man.

Back of 2019 Marvel Legends Black Costume Spider-Man FigureWhile I’m a hardcore Black Costume Spider-Man fan, this new stylized Symbiote Spidey is really leaving me cold.

Symbiote Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2019 Kingpin Series FigureI feel like this particular costume looks more silly on Peter Parker than it does badass. I’ll buy it—because I’m not going to do without that Kingpin Build-A-Figure—but this is one of the lesser-appealing Spidey variants in quite some time.

Marvel Legends Red Goblin 2019 Figure Close-UpRed Goblin is a bit more tantalizing to me. I mean, hey—it’s Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote. What’s not to love, right?

Marvel Legends Kingpin Series Red Goblin Carnage Figure NYCC 2018In person, I don’t especially like the way that the Red Goblin “mask” is designed to show the human head underneath, unfortunately.

Back of Red Goblin Marvel Legends FigureI asked the Hasbro team if the development work to put a large tail on Red Goblin could be carried over to a Squirrel Girl, but the team played coy with their answer. Keep dreaming, Doreen fans!

Marvel Legends Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales Spider-Man FigureFinally, we’ve got the “Into the Spider-Verse” Marvel Legends two-pack of Miles Morales Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen. This set has actually appeared already in some parts of the world, but I don’t believe it’s been spotted anywhere in the United States yet.

Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen Into the Spider-Verse FigureThis set is a 100% repaint, but is fine for those who missed the first releases of Spider-Gwen and Miles. I think the Gwen Stacy head is still not lively and attractive enough, but otherwise this duo is “fine”. Nothing for those who have the originals to get excited about, but certainly nice to have in mainstream circulation.

Marvel Legends Into the Spider-Verse Two-PackThe Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2019 Wave 1 figures should be up for order in late 2018/early 2019, and are scheduled for release in Q1 2019. This is the first Marvel Legends wave of the year, so hopefully stores will order plenty and building Kingpin will be a cinch. (Hopefully.)

We somehow still haven’t seen every figure in the series, but what do you think do the Kingpin wave so far, Marvel collectors? Will you be buying all the figures in this set to build Kingpin, ordering a completed Kingpin off the aftermarket, picking and choosing your favorites, or skipping this wave entirely?

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