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Nine-Foot @LEGO Overwatch D.Va Model at @BlizzCon

Yesterday, in advance of BlizzCon (Nov 2-3), the LEGO Group revealed a nine-foot tall LEGO Overwatch D.Va model with a time-lapse video of the model being built. The model, depicting D.Va (in LEGO minifigure form) and her mech, is made of over 145,000 LEGO elements. Attendees of BlizzCon will be able to see the large-scale model in-person at the Anaheim Convention Center. A full line of LEGO Overwatch building sets are coming soon; stay tuned for details!

LEGO® Overwatch® D.Va Large Scale Model

The giant LEGO model of Overwatch’s iconic mech pilot, D.Va will be on-site protecting fans at BlizzCon 2018 in Anaheim on November 2-3.

Fun Facts:

  • Over 9 feet tall (110 inches)
  • Together, D.Va and her mech weigh-in at 1,256 pounds
  • 145,276 LEGO pieces (including 43,853 pink bricks!)
  • 731 hours to construct