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NightCry, Scissorwalker 1/6 scale statue by Gecco

NightCry, Scissorwalker 1/6 Scale Statue

Figure features:

Scissorwalker, the brutal killer who stalks and terrifies players in the  horror adventure game “NightCry” is recreated as 1/6 scale statue.
This item is thoroughly supervised by the original designer, Masahiro  Ito, who is also known for the art director of “Silent Hill.”
Both the sharp blade and heavy blunt edge of the giant scissors are  faithfully sculpted, and the detailed bloodstain paint enhances the  cruelty of the murder weapon used for cutting a human body in half in  one attack!
The mysterious body surface appears like a mixture of hair and dirt with  other fine details. The texture of the sinister decayed hood is  realistically captured.
The thin objects around the neck, which seem to be made of hardwood’s  skin is sculpted to give the impression of a hard material.
The eye of the pitiless murderer is painted in a mysterious glossy black  hue adding to the horrified look.
As the character is named, you will feel the deadly “Walking” horror  just like in the game play.

※The decapitated head with the mask of mysterious cult is included as a  bonus with the pre-order.

-Price: US$299.99
-Size: 27 cm high
-Release: May~June 2019
-Prepainted Statue
-Material: Polyurethane
-Sculpt: Shinya Yamaoka
-Paint: Norifumi Dohi (FRANKEN)

Produced by;Gecco

Ultra Tokyo Connection (North America)
Diamond Comics Distributor (North America)
Sideshow (North America)
D4TOYS (Other countries)