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NEW Yummy Avocado & Breakfast in Bed 🍳 Yummy World Plushies Hit Today!

Yummy World Welcomes New Funny Face Food Plush Friends to Sprinkle Tree

Make Your World YUMMY Today at!

Welcome Spring the Yummy way with the newest residents of Sprinkle Tree!  Eva the Avocado Large Plush and a whole collection of Breakfast in Bed small plush including Sunny the Egg, Bo Bacon, Ollie and the Yummy O’s Cereal, Mimi Milk Carton, Patrick the Pastry and Cindy Cinnamon Roll!  Get all the new Yummy World plushies and some of your favorite foods just in time for Spring or Easter or even selfies in the sun at!


Yummy World Eva Avocado & Piper Pit Large Plush

Two is always better than one! Eva the Avocado opens in half to reveal her best pal, Piper the Pit. Eva and Piper are fresh, fun and ready for anything! No matter where in Yummy World she goes, Eva is there to brighten a friend’s day – as long as they get her good side! Piper always tries to roll away and get into trouble, but Eva keeps her close by… most of the time. Rolling in at 16 inches tall, Eva & Piper join the Yummy World family!

Yummy World Breakfast in Bed Small Plush

There are few things better than breakfast in bed, and Yummy World’s newest residents Sunny the Egg, Bo Bacon, Ollie and the Yummy O’s, Mimi Milk Carton, Patrick the Pastry and Cindy Cinnamon Roll couldn’t agree more! Sunny the egg is an eggstreme morning person. She gets up bright and early with a smile on her face and song in her heart so loud it wakes the entire town of Sprinkle Tree! Her home is an eggsquisite jeweled eggshell that sprinkles in the sun! Bo, the patriarch of the royal Von Bacon family, is famously friendly and takes the time to chat at length with everyone in Picnic Palace. His favorite party game is “Six Degrees of Von Bacon.” Spreading cheer wherever they go, Ollie and the Yummy O’s are never afraid to show their true colors! Often found with their best friend Mimi Milk Carton, this box of cereal makes everyone’s day a bowl of laughter! Mimi Milk Carton worries too much – known for spilling her feelings all over Sprinkle Tree, it usually takes a few friends to help her out and remind her it’s no use crying over! Patrick always takes a huge bite of life – people may be surprised when they see such a sweet looking pastry doing such crazy things, but he is harder around the edges than you may think! Cindy always loves to swirl up with a good book. She is a creative homebody that prefers to spend time on hobbies and activities to make her smile and fill her day. When this busy body isn’t at home, she always adds extra sweetness to any event by cooking up fun activities for all her friends (that sometimes can end in a sticky situation!)
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