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New York Toy Fair 2020: YuMe

We first met with YuMe toys at last year’s New York Toy Fair, and after they had a very successful year we were excited to check in with them on what’s coming for 2020 and beyond! The first thing we saw was really impressive: Harry Potter Magical Capsules. Combining the fun of blind boxes and unboxing with the charm of the Potter world, these ornate packages feature three different opening sections; the first gives you a heat-activated House Crest rub sign that’s your first hint as to the included toy. The second is a water-activated spell clue. And finally the central section has the toy and its accessory! Series 1 (coming in May/June) consists of Hogwarts students and a chase Quidditch Harry on red broomstick. Series 2 (September) brings in more students plus professors!

Scroll down for more pics of these Magical Capsules as well as:

  • Harry Potter: Crimes of Grindelwald Niffler, plush Baby Nifflers
  • DZNR Plushes: more Batman and DC characters, Mr. Monopoly, Space Jam, Bugs Bunny, Elf, Scooby Doo, holiday characters
  • DC Wheels of Gotham Batmobile mini vehicles, Justice League plush Slammers with sound effects
  • Horror mini plushes and larger Pennywise and Exorcist Regan
  • My Little Pony: plushes and mini figure set Pony Pals
  • Scooby Doo: mystery plush bags and activity multi-packs, larger plushes including holiday offerings
  • Tom & Jerry plush
  • Holiday plush, non-themed plush, and more!

-Scott Rubin

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