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New York Toy Fair 2020: Quantum Mechanix

Not all companies have big, flashy booth displays at New York Toy Fair, and in 2020 Quantum Mechanix went a very different way.  Theirs was an enclosed booth open only to buyers and press, and inside those groups got to see some things the company is working on but there was no photography allowed.  So, we can’t show you anything but we can tell you about:

  • Batman Family Knight Out Limited Edition Q-Master Diorama: a very fun take on Batman’s “family” of younger characters racing across Gotham rooftops.  Edition of 5000, already up for pre-orders on the QMx website
  • Deadpool X Ghost Rider Q-Master Diorama: the Merc with the Mouth roasts a marshmallow on Ghost Rider in this silly scene.  Edition of 5000, also up for pre-order on the QMx website
  • Q-Figs: Batman Last Knight on Earth, new versions of Catwoman and Harley Quinn, Miles Morales, and X-Men Jean Grey, Rogue, and Storm

Stay tuned for lots more cool stuff coming soon from QMx including new licenses in Q-Figs and more!

-Scott Rubin