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New York Toy Fair 2020: Kotobukiya

Japanese toy and collectible giant Kotobukiya was another on our list of New York Toy Fair 2020 first day must-see companies.  They always have a great mix of action-packed statues and beautiful Bishoujo characters, plus anime and more.  Want to see what was on display this year?  Scroll down for the full gallery where you’ll see:

  • Bishoujo: Horror (Pennywise, Beetlejuice, Leatherface, and Leatherface Chainsaw Dance), G.I. Joe (Baroness in two colorways and Scarlett in blue), My Little Pony (with Sunset Shimmer announcement), DC Poison Ivy, Marvel Black Cat
  • DC statues: Batman Who Laughs, Wonder Woman, upcoming Harley Quinn from the recent film and Thomas Wayne Batman from Batman: The Button
  • Star Wars: ARTFX and ARTFX+ statues including the announcement of an ARTFX Artist Series Tusken Raider!
  • Marvel Universe ARTFX Premiere: Black Widow, Silk, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel
  • Marvel: large-scale statues of Carnage and X-Men Cyclops
  • And more!

-Scott Rubin

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