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New York Toy Fair 2020: Bandai America

Fun for all ages can be found in Bandai America’s offerings, and we got to check out their latest and greatest and New York Toy Fair 2020.  We’ve got a full booth photo gallery for you below, where you’ll see things like:

  • Anime Heroes: a new line featuring great characters translated into fun action figures.  Starting with Saint Seiya (based off the classic animation with some visual cues for more recent versions) and Naruto, with more animes coming soon
  • Dragon Ball!  So many items, with a big focus on the Dragon Stars action figure line.  Their display had tons of currently available figures along with the new Cooler and a prototype of the Tenkaichi Budokai diorama!
  • Megahouse Rubik’s CharAction Cubes
  • Disney & Peanuts Character Friends and Tippies
  • Tamagotchi featuring Pac-Man and more

-Scott Rubin

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