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New York Toy Fair 2020: Abysse

French toy company Abysse debuted on the scene last year with the release of highly detailed static PVC statues from My Hero Academia (see our Toy Fair 2019 story HERE). Since then the company has focused on ramping up production of their ABYstyle brand and the SFC (Super Figure Collection) figure line with new characters… and new licenses!


Debuting at Toy Fair 2020 were new SFC figures from Death Note, including L (see recent story HERE) and a stunning winged figure of the demon Ryuk. A art rendering of Misa Amane was on display to show how she’ll appear posed as the next Death Note SFC figure.


Other new licenses announced for the SFC line included Naruto (Naruto and Kakashi Hatake) and One Piece (Monkey D. Luffy).


Another cool product line on display starred UFO Robot Grendizer. A very popular Japanese Super Robot in France, Grendizer will see collectibles in the form of a vinyl bust bank and a molded ceramic mug.

Scroll on for an Abysse Toy Fair 2020 photo gallery tour!

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