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New This Week at Cotswold Collectibles


Back from 2 weeks of Staycation.  Spent half of it with family and the other half of it sick.  Did get to work in the Man Cave, kitbashing some sets as well as re-organizing my Adventure Team Collection.

2019 is here an with that we celebrate 30 years of Cotswold Collectibles!  We have a LOT planned for this year, and we plan to spread out the release of some really cool sets!  Stay tuned!

Catalog 1 of 2019 has already been mailed and should be hitting doorsteps now. Be sure to check out the Specials Page to see all what we have on sale.  You can also check out those specials HERE.

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USMC 26th MEU 2nd Force Recon ‘Chopper’

Released in 2002. This set includes: OD green jumpsuit w/assault vest, pouches for gear and cargo, Tan combat boots, Dark green hood, Goggles, Green helmet, Gas mask w/removable canister and face shield, Pistol w/leg holster, M4 with removable magazine & sling, Radio w/headset, Knife & scabbard, Red Smoke grenade, Signal flare, Green molded plastic hands, and an extra pair of bare molded plastic hands.




Magic Cube Toys’ Private Military Contractor Uniform Set with Dog

On Sale for $99.99 (Save $20)!

Click HERE for details.

Offer Expires: January 16th, 2019 at 6:00 pm (central). Cannot be combined with any other special or discounted pricing. Sorry – No Backorders or Rainchecks.


  • Elite Brigade Karate Outfit Set (Black/Orange)
  • Elite Brigade Karate Outfit Set (Red/Black)
  • Captain Cosmos Binoculars (Red, Late AT-Style)
  • Captain Cosmos Web Gear with Sheath (5 Color Choices)
  • Artlab Design Cryo-Tank 217 DIY Kit
  • COO Model Takeda Shingen A.K.A. Tiger of Kai (Standard Version)
  • COO Model Takeda Shingen A.K.A. Tiger of Kai (Exclusive Version)
  • DID Toys ‘Gerd’: German Wehrmacht Radio Operator
  • YM Toys Peyton Female Head Sculpt (3 Different Styles)
  • YM Toys Rita Female Head Sculpt (3 Different Styles)
  • GAC Toys Jason Head Sculpt
  • Mezco One: 12 Collective Hal Jordan – Green Lantern (PX Exclusive / 1:12 Scale)
  • LIM Toys D-PACK Tiger Stripe (ST-Edition)
  • LIM Toys Ismael & Aehab (EP52-THE OTHER SHADOW) Figure Set
  • LIM Toys Guilty Butterfly Female Outfit & Sculpt Set
  • Three Zero Fallout Series: ‘Quantum’ X-01 Power Armor Figure Set (Previews Exclusive)
  • LIM Toys Sinful Butterfly Female Outfit & Sculpt Set
  • JIAOU Doll Boss Office Chairs (3 Color Styles)
  • JIAOU Doll Retro Battle Axe
  • Magic Cube Toys PMC Uniform Set Parted Out
  • Phicen Limited Career Killer Kiyoha
  • Phicen Limited Narama, Huntress of Men
  • Figurecoser Lightning Outfit & Head Sculpt Set
  • Flirty Girl Collectibles Mary Outfit & Head Sculpt Set
  • Vicky Secret Toys Metal Locker Cabinet (Black or Silver)


  • Safari Limited Animals/Reptiles/Insects (Assorted)
  • Elite Brigade Karate Outfit Set (Black/Red)
  • Elite Brigade Karate Outfit Set (Orange/Black)
  • Elite Brigade Socks (Assorted Colors)
  • Elite Brigade Knit Stocking Caps (Assorted Colors)
  • Artlab Design Command Center System DIY Kit
  • Artlab Design Light Up Radar Table DIY Kit
  • Artlab Design Mission Control System DIY Kit
  • Artlab Design Light Up ‘Sidekicks’ Module Set DIY Kit
  • Redman Toys The Butcher (Version 2)
  • Redman Toys Dracula (Red)
  • Redman Toys Inspector Harry
  • Mexco One:12 Collective: Defenders Doctor Strange (PX Exclusive)
  • Hot Toys Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine (Deluxe Version)
  • Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War Captain America
  • Corrigan Holsters Belt Holsters (Assorted)
  • Corrigan Holsters Detective Shoulder Holster (Assorted)
  • Corrigan Holster Adventurer Shoulder Holster (Assorted)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Sport Motorcycles (4 Colors)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Adventurer Basic Set (Classic Body)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Mission Impossible Basic Set (Classic Body)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Rescue Unit
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Infiltration Figure Set
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Reproduction Parts (Assorted)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Motorcycle Riders (Assorted)
  • Hobbycrash/Geyperman Figure with Flocked Head (Assorted)
  • Flirty Girl Collectibles Roller Girl Outfit & Sculpt Sets (Assorted)
  • Toys Dao Kunoichi Outfit Set (Choice of Black or White)
  • Toys Dao Deluxe Kunoichi Outfit Set (Black)

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Adversaries Team by Mike Haehl

I have been so impressed with Cotswold Collectibles. Their product is fantastic, customer service is great, and the assortment is amazing. Just finished my Adversaries team until Doctor Komodo comes out. Hopefully more Adversaries items are planned, because I can’t get enough!

Click HERE for larger pic.