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New #Super7 Masters of the Universe Pre-Sale and Pre-Order Live Now!


Stridor Pre-Order

The Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice line continues with Stridor! By popular demand, Man-At-Arms’ cybornetic creation, the Heroic Armored Warhorse that carried the mighty Fisto into battle is finally coming to life! Now is your chance to tame the mighty steed before he gallops off forever.

Stridor measures approximately 10-inches tall with multiple points of articulation and comes armored with BOTH the classic helmet and the Night Stalker helmet!

The pre-order window for Stridor is open now and will close on Tuesday, May 15th. We expect to ship Stridor the beginning of August 2018.

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Vintage Collection Pre-Sale

Surprise! By the Power of Grayskull! The one and only He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have returned! Super7 is proud to present the MOTU Vintage Collection, the original Masters of the Universe action Figures re-imagined to match the character designs from the animated cartoon! The series begins with two Epic Battles between the forces of good and evil – each packaged in a retro-styled gift pack!

Each deluxe Epic Battles Gift Pack includes two 5.5″ action figures with accessories and spring loaded mechanism – Turn the waist and they swing back with a punch!

Epic Battles: He-Man and Skeletor 2-Pack

He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe and Skeletor, the Evil Lord of Destruction battle for the fate of Eternia! Gift Pack Contains:

  • He-Man 5.5″ Action Figure with Power Sword, Half-Sword and Shield
  • Skeletor 5.5″ Action Figure with Havoc Staff, Power Sword and Half-Sword

Epic Battles: He-Man and Skeletor 2-Pack

She-Ra, the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe and Hordak, the Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde battle for the fate of Etheria! Gift Pack Contains:

  • She-Ra 5.5″ Action Figure with Sword of Protection, Shield and Sword
  • Hordak 5.5″ Action Figure with Arm Cannon and Crossbow
The pre-sale on the Vintage 2-pack figures is open now. We expect to ship the 2-pack figures in the middle of July 2018. This item is a fixed quantity limited edition, and we cannot guarantee the length of the availability of the Vintage 2-pack figures.
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