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New Sixth Scale Collectibles at Cotswold Collectibles


Catalog #3 is out now, and with that all new Catalog Specials. Now is a good time to check out our Specials Page for we have BOTH Catalog 2 and 3 Specials active (Catalog 2 Specials expire tomorrow, May 16th).

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Israeli Defense Forces Soldier

Released in 2001 as part of the Foreign Soldiers Collection, Modern Day Israeli Defence Force Soldier set includes: Classic Collection Body, M-16 w/grenade launcher, Ammo clip and pouch, Beret, Boonie hat, Web belt, Canteen, Pouches, Frag grenades, Harness, Flack vest, Uniform, Weathered boots, Dog tag




Elite Brigade Adventure Team Style Jumpsuits (Tan – Amoeba Camouflage – Black)

25% Off The Listed Price!

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Offer Expires: May 22nd, 2019 at 6:00 pm (central). Cannot be combined with any other special or discounted pricing. Sorry – No Backorders or Rainchecks.



  • WOO Toys Fat Viking Figure Set
  • Artlab Design Light Up Huxter Industries Launch Platform DIY Kit
  • DID Sergeant Charlie: British 1st Airborne Division (Red Devils)
  • Phicen Limited Steam Punk Red Sonja (Classic Version)
  • Phicen Limited Steam Punk Red Sonja (Deluxe Version)
  • 101 Toys Saigo Takamori (Standard Version)
  • 101 Toys Saigo Takamori (Exclusive Version)
  • 101 Toys Sanada Yukimura (Standard Version)
  • 101 Toys Sanada Yukimura (Exclusive Version)
  • SG Toys Women’s Split Skirt Dress Set (4 Different Colors)
  • Toy Works Black Steel
  • Mini Times Toys Female SWAT
  • Vicky Secret Toys Clown Outfit & Head Sculpt Set
  • AS Toys Biker Apparel Set
  • JX Toys April Head Sculpts (3 Different Styles)
  • Crazy Figure Toys US Army 75th Ranger Grenadier (1993 Mogadishu 1:12 Scale)
  • Crazy Figure Toys US Special Forces: Delta Force (1993 Mogadishu 1:12 Scale)
  • Phicen Limited Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt
  • Pocket Cosmos Weapons Rack & Shelves (1:12 Scale)
  • Pocket Cosmos Weapons Cabinet/Locker (1:12 Scale)
  • Pocket Cosmos Weapons/Ammo Crate Assortment (1:12 Scale Black/OD/Tan)
  • DS Toys Winonah Head Sculpt
  • Elite Toys Steve Head Sculpt
  • Art City Men’s Dress Suits (4 Color Styles)
  • MC Toys Bulls Sport Sets (2 Color Styles)
  • Brother Production Live Free Johnny 2.0
  • Trumpet Models Electric Turntable Display Battery Powered
  • Threezero Game of Thrones: King Joffrey Baratheon (Deluxe Version)
  • MONDO Toys Kratos: God of War
  • JXK Toys Horse & Saddle Sets (1:12 Scale 5 Different Variations)



  • Dragon Models Igor Ivanovich Bazarov: Red Army LMG Gunner with Aerosan RF-8
  • Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings Arwen
  • Elite Brigade Fuzzy Heads (Assorted Styles/Colors)
  • Hot Toys USMC II – MEF Tan Flight Suit, 2007 HK Comicon Ltd Ed.
  • Hot Toys US Navy SEAL Water Edge Ops SAW Gunner
  • Hot Toys USMC M249 SAW Gunner (Fallujah)
  • Blue Box Toys RAF Fighter Pilot Squadron Leader Keith Gordon, WWII
  • Blue Box Toys SEAL Helicopter Sniper “Hawkeye”
  • Blue Box Toys USMC 26th MEU 2nd Force Recon ‘Chopper’
  • Hasbro Timeless Collection Eight Ropes of Danger, GI Joe Adventure Team
  • Hasbro Timeless Collection Talking Action Sailor
  • Hasbro Black & White Action Soldier with box, 2018 GI Joe Club Exclusive

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Marvel’s BLADE by Chris Allen

Per Chris…

Thought I’d share my latest 1/6 custom with you all. I usually try to go very realistic, but since Blade is a 70s character, I tried to make him look more like a vintage GI Joe.

Click HERE for larger pic.