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New Product: STIX™ Walking Sticks from @FactoryEnt

Introducing The World’s First Line Of Pop-Culture Walking Sticks STIX™ Walking Stick Cane Toppers & Shafts Now In Stock

Pop-culture lovers wear their fandom with pride, and Factory Entertainment believes it’s high time that boring old walking sticks receive a fashionable update worthy of those who are impeccably geek-chic.

STIX™ Walking Sticks are far from ordinary canes. Fans first select a solid eucalyptus wood cane shaft, in either black or brown. They can then choose from a variety of interchangeable toppers (sold separately), giving them a different look for every day of the week. The first wave of toppers features Batman, The Joker, The Flash and Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg.

Walking stick shafts are a standard 36 inch length and come with a removable tip protector.

Each cane topper comes in a sturdy collector box to protect it when not in use.

Whether you use it as a fashion accessory or a functional cane, STIX™ will make any pop-culture fan stand out from the crowd!