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New Harry Potter and Buckbeak Statue From Iron Studios

Buckbeak is a fantastic creature, known as a hippogriff, with a gray tinge. Its back, legs and paws are like those of a horse, and its head and its front are like a bird of prey. The fantastic creature even has long wings that allow it to fly. Enthusiastic and full of adrenaline, provided by his first flight riding through the skies of Hogwarts, the young wizard, Harry Potter, screams and opens his arms when his new friend, and mascot, slides his right front paw across the waters of a lake in a sweeping maneuver. This iconic scene from the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is also proudly replicated by Iron Studios with their new Harry Potter and Buckbeak Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 Statue.

Measuring nearly 12 inches tall with a staggering 24+ wingspan, this magical polystone piece is priced at $349.99. It is planned to ship fourth quarter of 2021.


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