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New DC TV Hero TITANS Vinyl Collectibles Launching This Fall

Titan Merchandise announces the October 2019 launch of all-new DC TV Hero TITANS vinyl figures.

Featuring the new 3 inch Hero TITANS configuration (Titan’s signature detailed photo-realistic head-sculpts coupled with a new, dynamic body-form), DC TV Hero TITANS wave one features leading characters from DC Comics/Warner Bros Entertainment’s wildly popular CW superhero shows.

This debut wave spotlights Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow from Arrow; Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl from Supergirl, Barry Allen AKA The Flash & his arch-nemesis Zoom from The Flash; Sara Lance AKA White Canary, Ray Palmer AKA The Atom, Jefferson Jackson/Martin Stein AKA Firestorm and DC’s Liverpudlian arch-mage John Constantine from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Plus: two rare chase figures for you to hunt down and collect!

Each DC TV Hero TITANS vinyl figure comes window-boxed and some come with character-specific accessories.

Available now for pre-order from your comicbook store via the May Diamond PREVIEWS catalog – to order, please use Diamond stock code STL126145


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