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New at ToyWiz – #CallofDuty #Deadpool #Batman #PulpFiction #JusticeLeague

Staff Picks!

  • Aurora World Llamacorn Plush (November)
  • McFarlane Toys Call of Duty Seraph (September)
  • ReAction Misfits The Fiend [Bullet] (September)
  • Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega NEW ARRIVAL!
  • NJPW Kenny Omega 5-Inch NEW ARRIVAL!
  • Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Desk Monument NEW ARRIVAL!


DC Collectibles!

  • DC Core Batman 9-Inch Collectible PVC Statue NEW ARRIVAL!
  • DC Designer Series The Joker (The Killing Joke) 7-Inch Mini Statue [Brian Bolland] NEW ARRIVAL!
  • DC Gotham City Garage Batgirl 10.8-Inch Statue NEW ARRIVAL!



  • Deadpool MEA-004 [Day Dream, Normal Costume] NEW ARRIVAL!
  • Deadpool MEA-004 [Jump Out the 4th Wall] NEW ARRIVAL!
  • Deadpool MEA-004 [Pony] NEW ARRIVAL!


Justice League

  • Movie Dynamic 8-ction Heroes The Flash Exclusive DAH-006 NEW ARRIVAL!
  • Movie Dynamic 8-ction Heroes Aquaman Exclusive DAH-007 NEW ARRIVAL!
  • Movie Dynamic 8-ction Heroes Cyborg Exclusive DAH-007 NEW ARRIVAL!