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NECA Back to the Future Doc Brown Ultimate Figure Review (Sponsored)

The following review is sponsored by and provided the sample. The sample in question is of NECA’s amazing Doc Brown figure. I love NECA and once I started collecting their figures I’ve found my NECA shelf growing and growing. The amount of detail and craftsmanship they put into their figures makes them well worth the price point. Really I’m always surprised by how well priced these pieces of figural art are. This figure is of course no different.

The packaging itself is a work of art, literally it is artwork created for the figure, down to the fake newspaper image. Instead of just using a stock image they put the effort into creating something new, which is an effort they regularly put into their packaging. I feel bad throwing it out, which I almost always do, but still very impressive. Credit goes to Chris Longo on this, very well done sir!

The open window box itself would be worth putting on the shelf and the backing photo, which is of the Brown Mansion, would be great to use for display as well. I’ve decided to use it for my photos as the perfect background.

The accessories are my favorite part, short of the Delorean itself, these are great little totems themselves. My one concern was the strap on the goggles. It was a little hard getting on the head (which you can only do when it’s removed by the way) so I worried that the strap might rip but it was sturdy enough. I would just be cautious if you are repeatedly taking them off and on the figure.

The head sculpt is a highlight, as it very accurately captures the essence not of Christopher Lloyd but of Doc Brown if you get my meaning. Yes Christopher Lloyd is Doc Brown but he’s a movie character that we all love and know. The face sculpts are so well done they evoke specific moments in the movie and this is kind of what I’m trying to say. Due credit to Jason Frailey and Kyle Windrix for bringing Doc to life in this way. Also, credit to NECA for calling out the specific artists on the box which I’ve never noticed before.

This is a great figure and once again another great addition to any collection. Back to the Future collectibles have really come far in the past 10 years and NECA is at the forefront of making collectors’ dreams come true. At this point I will divert from my review and call out the sponsor They are a great source of collectibles and are a hidden gem in my opinion for finding things that Target or Walmart can’t provide. They have an excellent selection of imports and I was able to find some Marvel Legends that I missed at retail. During the pandemic my collecting habits were affected as I avoided toy hunting for a long time, meaning I had to resort to online retailers. I highly recommend checking them out and maybe finding something you didn’t expect to find.

Speaking of the pandemic I’d like to end on a bittersweet note. As we know things aren’t fully back to normal and probably won’t be for some time but in celebration of nearing the “end” and getting vaccinated I booked a private screening at a local AMC. The movie? Back to the Future of course! I see this as a fun way to get people together to celebrate making it through a tough year enjoying a great movie. As I write this my 89-year old Abuelo in Mexico has just passed away. Due to the pandemic I was unable to visit him last year and now that travel is a bit easier I’ll be able to visit my family and give them hugs. I wish it was for a better occasion but it will be nice to see them either way. The Coronavirus has impacted all of us and it’s good to find things that can distract you and make you happy. Unfortunately there isn’t a Delorean that can transport you through time when you reach 88mph so enjoy the present any way you can.

Doc Brown can be purchased here.