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Since we’ve made the announcement that the first release of Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay is currently shipping, we’ve had a lot of questions and a bit of confusion about when everyone can expect the remainder of the current Mythic Legions pre-ordered waves – Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0, Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay pre-order 2, and Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller.

The Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay items that are currently shipping out are from the Kickstarter/Backerkit campaign that we did back in late winter 2017, and the Store Horsemen pre-order we did in spring/summer 2017. If you were part of the second Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay pre-order that happened this past spring/summer (2018), please read below…

The original plan was to have Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0 and Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay pre-order 2 ship from the factory at the same time and arrive at our studios sometime in late fall to mid-winter 2018. But when we received the official timeline and shipping container layout from our factory, they’d backed production for the 2nd Advent of Decay preorder shipment up until March 2019. Needless to say, we were stunned, and immediately contacted them back to see how we could move production schedules around in order to get everything out and shipped sooner, especially with the production of Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller looming close behind.

So we compromised, but in a good way…

If all goes as planned, in order to get Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0, Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay pre-order 2 and Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller out as soon as possible, ALL THREE WAVES will be shipping at the same time in January 2019 (that’s FOUR full containers!!) and should be at our warehouse and ready to ship out to customers in February 2019. Still winter, but a little later in the winter than we’d originally hoped. The plus in shipping everything that’s currently pre-ordered by then is that we’ll be able to avoid the annual Chinese New Year production delays that some companies will be experiencing, and you’ll be getting the Soul Spiller wave a couple of months earlier than we were expecting!

PLUS… Keep your eyes peeled between now and the end of this year for something you’ve all been waiting for. Details soon…