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MONSTARZ The Green Slime Action Figure Update

Amok Time writes in with an update on their Green Slime retro action figure (see our story HERE). 

The pictures of the Green Slime alien you see in this promo picture above are of the actual factory painted sample figures. What does that mean? It means Sculpts, Articulation and Paints are approved and we are almost there. We are really happy how all the little details came out . This figure is scheduled for a January 2021 release. If everything goes as we hope and we are not delayed due to things like the Covid situation and all the delays that comes with it, The Green Slime may arrive just in time for December 2020. We will keep everyone posted with updates as soon as we have more. Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered.

The Monstarz Green Slime action figure is available for pre-order through priced at $24.99 each.

The Green Slime alien features:

  • Poseable arms
  • Rotating tentacles
  • Approx 3.75in tall.
  • Figure display base.
  • Fantastically packaged on a retro styled card.
  • Limited to only 1000 pcs.